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BioPark Photography

Visitors are welcome to take photos for personal, non-commerical use.

Portrait photographers are required to obtain a Photography Permit for photo or video shoots at the BioPark Facilities:

Photography Policy & Agreement

Portrait Photography Guidelines & Permit Information

For more information, please call 505-848-7112.

Guidelines and Permit Information

The ABQ BioPark, consisting of the Aquarium, Botanic Garden  and Zoo, offers some of the most beautiful and unique locations in Albuquerque for portraits to be taken. The BioPark welcomes photographers whose work is appropriate to our mission, but requires that the following guidelines be followed:

  • Definition of Portrait Photography: The BioPark defines portrait photography as wedding, engagement, family portraits, graduation, quinceañera or other portraiture of individuals by professional photographers/videographers, or by amateurs acting in the role of a professional.
  • Permit Authorization Badges: Photographers and videographers who conduct portrait photography at the BioPark are required to sign a Photo Policy Agreement before purchasing a Photography Permit Authorization Badge. The badge is available either for a full day or a year. The BioPark reserves the right to refuse to issue a permit badge. To sign the agreement and purchase the permit badge, go to the Administration Building in the Aquarium/Botanic Garden courtyard.
  • Daily Permit: After signing the Photo Policy Agreement, a Photography Permit Authorization Badge for non-exclusive use may be purchased for $25 per day per site. The daily Photography Permit Authorization includes the signing photographer’s admission to the zoo on the date of the permit. All photographer assistants/participants/clients will be charged the regular admission fee. The authorized photographer will be issued a Photography Permit Authorization badge that must be worn while on the BioPark grounds, identifying the day of authorization. The badge must be returned to the BioPark staff member who issued it at the close of business on the authorized day of use.
  • Annual Permits: After signing the Photo Policy Agreement, photographers and videographers may purchase a Photography Permit Authorization Badge for $250. The annual Photography Permit Authorization includes facility admission for the signing photographer only. All photographer assistants/participants/clients will be charged the regular admission fee. The authorized photographer will then be issued a Photography Permit Authorization badge, valid for one year from date of purchase, which the photographer must wear while on the grounds. Photography studios with more than one photographer will be charged an extra $50 per additional photographer, and each photographer will be provided with their own Photography Permit Authorization badge. Authorization badges are nontransferable (ID’s will be required at the Admission booth). All other rules and regulations apply.
  • Questions? Contact 505-848-7112.

Photo Policy and Agreement

Please read the BioPark's photography policies, then print the Agreement below and bring to the administration offices at the Zoo or Aquarium and Botanic Garden.

  • Professional photography sessions and videos may be taken in public viewing areas only. Photographers or models/clients may not step in planter beds, animal areas, behind the scenes, on railroad tracks, etc. Everyone and all equipment must stay on the public paths. No person, plant exhibit, property or facility may be interfered with or damaged.
  • All pathways must remain accessible to all BioPark visitors at all times; no pathways may be blocked. Do not ask gardeners/keepers to stop work, move equipment/ tools, or interfere with their daily tasks.
  • The moving or removing of plants or structures that are part of the BioPark – such as benches, containers, displays, plant interpretation, fences, etc. – is strictly forbidden.
  • Photography or video with subjects in swimwear or attire that might be considered inappropriate to other visitors is NOT permitted. Questions regarding appropriateness must be directed to the office manager.
  • The applicant/photographer will be held accountable for the actions of themselves, crew members and models/clients for any damage to the BioPark facilities and property.
  • If any inappropriate behavior is observed, the Manager of the facility, BioPark Director or BioPark Security will warn the applicant once. If the warning is not heeded and inappropriate behavior continues, or the behavior is considered egregious, these BioPark representatives may elect to abort any or all filming/photography and related activities. The applicant agrees to be bound by any such decision made by BioPark personnel.
  • All photography must take place during regular business hours, and must conclude when the BioPark closes for the day. No daily permits will be issued after 4 p.m. Portrait sessions cannot take place during special events.
  • The applicant agrees that the topic or end result of the shoot shall not identify the BioPark, its mission, exhibits, or plants in a derogatory or defacing manner.
  • Balloons are not allowed at the ABQ BioPark.


I have read and agree to the above policies.

I am purchasing a Photography Permit/Authorization (circle one):

  • Daily Photography Permit
  • Annual Photography Permit (effective _______________)

Name of Applicant:________________________________________________

Contact Number (cell)____________________________

Business Name:_________________________________

Business Number (if different from cell):  _____________________________

Business Address (if not a business, personal address): _________________ ______________________________________________________________

Signature of applicant/photographer: ________________________________

Today’s Date: _____________________________________

BioPark Witness: ___________________________________


Once the Photo Policy Agreement is signed, the applicant takes the Agreement to the BioPark cashier and pays the BioPark cashier the fee for the Photography Permit Authorization badge. The applicant then shows the receipt to the Administration contact (Events Coordinator, Facility Office Manager or their designee) and is issued a dated Photography Permit Authorization Badge.