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Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan

On August 5th, 2013 the City Council unanimously passed R-13-132, a Rank 3 plan that adopted new policies and zoning regulations for a 570-acre area atop the Northwest Mesa.

The Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan (VHSDP) is bordered by Paseo del Norte to the north before it curves southeast, the Petroglyph National Monument on the east, Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan boundary on the south, and Universe Boulevard on the west.  The Plan area surrounds the intersection of Paseo del Norte and Unser Boulevard— two vital, regional traffic arteries.

The purpose of the Plan is to support pedestrian-friendly and transit-supportive development with particular emphasis on employment, while buffering pre-existing single-family neighborhoods and sensitive lands on the borders of the Plan area from higher-density development toward the center of the Plan area.  The Plan seeks to create a walkable, urban center with a sense of place rooted in its unique volcanic context and with development that respects the Petroglyph National Monument, which includes over 10,000 acres of open space preserved in perpetuity by an act of Congress in 1990.

Update as of October, 2014

  • The Albuquerque City Council adopted R-14-72, amending the Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan.

Update as of August 5th, 2013

  • The Sector Development Plan was heard at two Land Use, Planning, and Zoning (LUPZ) hearings. At the hearing on February 13, public comment was noted and received. Staff prepared a memo for the April 10th hearing that responded to all public questions and concerns. LUPZ recommended a “do pass” at the April 10th hearing to send the Plan to full Council.
  • June 3rd staff requested a two month deferral to allow time to work out the access points along Unser Boulevard and Paseo del Norte with the Mid-Region Council of Governments. Click here to see the opinion letter written by Councilor Lewis and Planning Director Suzie Lubar and published by the Albuquerque Journal regarding the access points.
  • August 5th, 2013 the Plan was unanimously approved and adopted by Council.

Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan Resolution (R-13-132)

Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan Exhibit A (final version of the Sector Development Plan)

Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan Appendix

The City Council process that the Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan followed

For more background information regarding the planning process for the VHSDP and to download the plan in separate files please visit the Planning Department webpage.

EPC Process

The Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) held the first hearing of the Volcano Heights SDP on October 4, 2012 and the second hearing on December 6, 2012, where the EPC voted unanimously to recommend approval of the Plan to the City Council. 

• Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan Notice of Decision