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Montaño Corridor Studies

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There are two pieces of adopted legislation that affect the use and design of the Montano Corridor.

  1. Bill No. R-04-204 (Enactment No. R-2005-067) , “Requesting the Mayor to Complete All Necessary Procedures to Utilize All Four Lanes of Traffic Capacity on the Montaño Bridge and Corridor”, was sponsored by Councilor Michael Cadigan.
  2. Bill No. R-05-216 (Enactment No. R-2005-010) , “Requiring a Transportation Feasibility Study of the 4th Street and Montaño Road Intersection”. The bill calls for a study of the intersection at 4th Street and Montaño Road and also of lane options for the Montaño Corridor. The legislation requires an analysis of High Occupancy Vehicle / transit lanes (including a reversible lane) on Montaño, the interaction of the Montaño Corridor design with the 4th and Montaño intersection, and coordination with the corridor plan for North 4th Street and the Near North Valley Sector Plan.

The Montaño Corridor refers to the reach of Montaño Road between Coors Blvd. and 4th Street.

Bill No. R-05-216 resulted in two studies of transportation alternatives, one by Wilson & Company, Inc. and the second by Hall Planning and Engineering, Inc. (HPE). HPE was selected to conduct this analysis with support by Wilson & Company. Each study has resulted in different recommendations as indicated below. In addition, a Citizen’s Committee consisting of representatives from the North Valley and the Northwest Mesa, which advised both studies, recommended a somewhat different approach.

Two Studies and Three Recommendations for the Montaño Corridor

Below are two studies and a Citizen's Committee recommendation.

  1. Study of Montaño Road Corridor was performed by Wilson & Company, Inc . This plan recommends four general purpose lanes.
  2. Transportation Alternatives Analysis Report This report was developed by Hall Planning & Engineering, Inc. The plan recommends two general purpose lanes and one reversible HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) / transit lane. Mr. Hall’s powerpoint presentation of his study also can be viewed.
  3. Montaño Citizens Committee Recommendation. This letter was in response to the reports from Wilson & Company, Inc. and Hall Planning & Engineering, Inc. The Committee recommends two general purpose lanes and two outside HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) / transit lanes.

Current Legislative Proposals

The different recommendations have been championed by Councilor Michael Cadigan (Wilson & Company, Inc.) and by Councilor Debbie O’Malley (Hall Planning & Engineering, Inc., and Citizens Committee).

There are two pieces of legislation currently before the City Council for adoption:

  1. Bill No. R-05-390, sponsored by Councilor Michael Cadigan.
  2. Bill No. R-05-382 (as amended), sponsored by Councilor Debbie O’Malley.