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Notice of Publication Council Bill No: 0-20-37

City of Albuquerque Twenty-Fourth Council

Council Bill No: 0-20-37

Enactment No: O-2020-041

Sponsored By: Councilor Benton, by request


AMENDING SECTIONS 9-10-1-3, 9-10-1-6(E)(2), 9-10-1-8(C)(4), 9-10-1-8(D)(5), 9-10-1-8(F), 9-10-1-8(F)(2), 9-10-1-9(B), 9-10-1-10(B)(1), 9-10-1-10(B)(4), 9-10-1-11(A), 9-10-1-11(B), 9-10-1-11(H), Section 2, Section 3, AND Section 4, ROA 1994 OF THE MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE ORDINANCE, TO UPDATE EFFECTIVE DATE OF RATE CHANGE; AMENDING RATE TABLE APPENDIX TO INCORPORATE RESIDENTIAL RATE INCREASE IN THE RATE APPENDIX; AND AMENDING RATE TABLE TO INCORPORATE THE FY21 RATE INCREASE IN THE RATE APPENDIX.