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Two New Chimpanzees at the Zoo

Females Zoe and Siri came from the Oklahoma City Zoo as part of a Species Survival Plan breeding recommendation.

May 19, 2021 - Our chimpanzee group is growing!

The ABQ BioPark Zoo is excited to announce the addition of two new females to its chimpanzee troop: 13-year-old Zoe and 10-year-old Siri, who came together from the Oklahoma City Zoo. The two arrived on May 12 and had a short quarantine period before being introduced to other members of the troop.

Staff say the two are doing well acclimating to their new home, caretakers and new chimpanzee companions.

Zoe and Siri are both recommended to breed as part of the chimpanzee Species Survival Plan (SSP).

As a baby, Siri lost part of her arm after an injury. However, this does not slow this active chimpanzee! According to our friends at the Oklahoma City Zoo, she was often seen swinging and playing with Zoe at her old home.  

The BioPark is home to seven other chimpanzees: Elaine, Alf, Thunder, Rainey, Babbett, Rio and Desi.

Meet Siri

Siri Chimp

Meet Zoe

Zoe Chimp