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Tree Removal at Tingley Beach

The ABQ BioPark opted to remove 12 potentially dangerous hybrid poplar trees.

Sept. 29, 2022 - The next time you visit Tingley Beach, you may notice a few trees are missing. The ABQ BioPark opted to remove 12 hybrid poplar trees that were potentially dangerous to the public. Desert Gardens Outdoor Services, Inc., a local tree service company in Albuquerque, is removing the problem trees this week. Some access including sidewalks, roadways, and picnic areas may be temporarily closed while contractors work safely to remove these trees. The trees are predominately along the Tingley Drive, with a few in the interior sections of Tingley.

This is part of the ABQ BioPark’s efforts to ensure the safety of its guests, staff, collections and physical infrastructure, as a fallen cottonwood tree poses major risks. The initial inventory of Tingley trees was done by BioPark horticulture staff. In addition, the BioPark recently contracted with PlanIT Geo, a software database company specializing in tree inventories, to conduct tree risk assessments across BioPark facilities. In addition to keeping people, collections and buildings safe, the tree inventory work was part of a collaborative effort with the City of Albuquerque’s Parks and Recreation and Solid Waste departments that will better quantify the urban tree canopy across all city properties. You can view the complete tree inventory here:
As a side note, Tingley Beach also has a new addition for guests to enjoy -- six new pergola shade structures! Thank you to the SW Carpenters Union volunteers who built these structures.