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Renovations to Seating and Shade at Tingley Beach

Staff repaired tables and added shade structures to help visitors stay cool during the summer.

Aug. 6, 2020 -  Tingley Beach just got an upgrade that will help keep guests stay cool during their visit.

Staff from the ABQ BioPark's Aquatic Conservation Facility (ACF), which manages Tingley's ponds and fish, did some repairs to seating and also added five new shade structures at seating areas across the facility. The building costs were covered by a PRIDE Grant from the New Mexico BioPark Society, which was awarded to ACF Aquarist Patrick Horley, who built the structures himself with the help of other staff. The updates were finished in early June before Tingley Beach's reopening.

PRIDE grants of up to $4,000 each are awarded to ABQ BioPark staff four times a year. The money can be used for anything from buying new tools to going to a professional training course in their field of work. 

Tingley Beach Seating and Shade Updates

  • Repairing and adding shade covers to three older wooden picnic tables. Two of these tables are located in the peninsula at the Central Pond area, and another is located at the Boat Pond.
  • Designing and building two new benches with shade covers. These are located at the Boat Pond.