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Mayor Keller and ABQ BioPark Mark Completion of First Phase of Zoo's Asia Exhibit

Elephant overlook to open to the public soon for families to enjoy.

October 18, 2021 - Mayor Tim Keller and the ABQ BioPark held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Zoo’s elephant overlook and event deck. This first phase of the Zoo’s new Asia exhibit provides a bird’s eye view of the elephant herd.

The overlook was expected to open to the public today. However, due to last minute shipping delays, materials for the final touches have not yet arrived. 
The BioPark is constructing the major Asia exhibit in two phases because of the size and complexity of the exhibit space. Currently projected for completion in fall 2022, the new Asia exhibit will span 4.5 acres of previously undeveloped land. It will include innovative new homes for orangutans, tigers, snow leopards and Steller’s sea eagles.
“This elephant overlook is just one of many incredible new experiences for families coming to the BioPark,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “With upgrades like these at the Zoo, we’re making the investments voters approved, building out one of the city’s most beloved spaces, and creating affordable opportunities for families to experience together.”
From the elevated deck, guests will have expansive views of the BioPark’s elephants as they travel through five acres of space, socialize within their multi-generational groups, train with their caretakers and explore new enrichment items.
The deck was also designed with private events in mind and will be available to rent for weddings and other parties.
"Our elephant program is one of the most advanced in the country,” said Stephanie Stowell, ABQ BioPark director. “This deck makes it possible for guests to get an incredible view of the elephants’ daily activities, which were previously difficult to observe. Because it’s so large, this deck will allow many guests to linger and learn more about the elephants’ natural behaviors.”
Construction of the entire Asia exhibit is expected to total $28 million, which will be covered by the voter-approved Gross Receipts Tax passed in 2016.