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Lola the Grand Cayman blue iguana is carrying eggs!

This is exciting news for this endangered species.

May 8, 2022 – The ABQ BioPark has some good news just in time for International Blue Iguana Day today. Lola, the 12-year-old Grand Cayman blue iguana is gravid, meaning she’s carrying eggs!

While staff won’t know if they’re fertile for a while, they did witness mating behavior between Lola and her mate, 9-year-old Igor, so the BioPark is hopeful for some hatchlings in a few months.

The ABQ BioPark found out that Lola was gravid after performing a series of ultrasounds in her enclosure. Vet staff and keepers made the discovery on her fourth ultrasound April 20.

Under the direction of the Species Survival Plan (SSP), if the eggs are fertile, a certain number will be artificially incubated for the best chance at success. Igor’s genetic line is of special interest to the AZA, so any offspring will help maintain a healthy and dynamic Grand Cayman blue iguana population in AZA-accredited facilities.

The ABQ BioPark is one of 23 AZA-accredited facilities to house this iguana species and one of only two that have a priority recommended breeding pair. Reptile Keeper Phil Mayhew recently visited Grand Cayman Island to learn more about Grand Cayman blue iguanas, from breeding behavior to diet. The New Mexico BioPark Society funded the trip. Learn more about the trip here.

VIDEO: Watch the ultrasound, meet Lola, Igor and Phil, and find out what happens next with the eggs!