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Jasmine’s World

Mexican gray wolf spends her golden years at the ABQ BioPark

06/01/2016 - Mexican gray wolves Apache and Kawi live in the publicly visible wolf habitat at the ABQ BioPark Zoo, but they aren’t the zoo’s only wolves.

The zoo is also home to males Louie and Atlas, and female Jasmine, who live behind the scenes. Jasmine, who arrived to the zoo in 2009, turned 16 in April—a feat for Mexican gray wolves, which face many challenges for survival in the wild.

Jasmine doesn’t let her senior status affect her. Although she’s being treated for arthritis in her hip (veterinary staff provides supportive care for her arthritis and any other geriatric issues that may arise), she is still active. Jasmine likes to jump in a small bath tub in her habitat. This activity helps her shed her winter coat.

Zookeeper Jenn Ericksen describes her as a “sweet wolf,” and says she’s laidback and confident.

Jasmine lives with Louie and the two get along well.

Louie and Atlas may one day move to another facility if they are matched with a mate. Because of her senior status, Jasmine will spend the rest of her days at the ABQ BioPark enjoying her favorite food—chicken—and, of course, bones. Her regular diet is Milliken. 

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Jasmine the wolf

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