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Eerie moves to a new home.

Social siamang will have a new family group

ALBUQUERQUE – The ABQ BioPark is pleased to announce that Eerie, the juvenile male siamang, moved to a new zoo home today to join another siamang family group. 

This move is important so Eerie will be able to continue to develop his social skills and maintain his emotional well-being. Siamangs are extremely social and vocal creatures who form strong and long-term family bonds. Eerie’s new family group includes two female siamangs.

“While we are sad to see him leave the BioPark for a new home, this is best for his emotional health and happiness,” Tupa said. “As a young male, Eerie still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to start a family of his own. ”

Eerie’s parents and young sibling at the ABQ BioPark sadly passed earlier this year as a result of a Shigella infection. Since then, his BioPark care team spent extra time playing and training with him and offering special enrichment. However, the best thing for him is to be with other siamangs. Like the ABQ BioPark, his new home is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). This will ensure that Eerie will continue to receive the highest standard ofcare.

With this move complete, the ABQ BioPark will take the opportunity to perform some minor updates to the siamang habitat as we determine who will be occupying the exhibit based on animal needs.  The new Asia area currently under construction will also include exciting new habitats for siamangs or another similarly sized gibbon. Asia is currently scheduled to open in 2023.