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ABQ BioPark Welcomes Gibbons to the Ape Walk

Two brand-new species arrive at the ABQ BioPark Zoo.
April 11, 2024

Welcome to Albuquerque Makaio & Siena! Makaio is a 7-year-old white-cheeked gibbon from Nashville, and Siena is a 6-year-old lar gibbon (sometimes called white-handed gibbon) from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Look closely: although they may have similar coloring, they are indeed two distinct species from Southeast Asia! The lar gibbon is Endangered, and the white-cheeked gibbon is Critically Endangered; both facing similar threats of hunting, illegal pet trade, and habitat loss.

Makaio and Siena spent a little time getting to know each other inside while they waited for the weather to warm up, and are becoming fast friends. Yesterday they had the opportunity to venture out into their new habitat and greet our guests. Makaio confidently explored and foraged, and even came back to the door to encourage his new friend Siena when she hesitated. We are delighted to have them on our Ape walk, and can't wait for you to meet them!