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ABQ BioPark Expands Polar Bear Habitat

Kiska the polar bear now has access to neighboring area.
February 03, 2024

New year, new digs! Kiska the polar bear is rolling into 2024 with a newly expanded habitat.

We took advantage of the vacant former lion habitat next door to Kiska’s current home to provide him with some bonus space to roam and explore.

Polar Bears love to spend time on land and in water. His previous habitat offered both, but focused more on water areas; including a large chilled pool that Kiska loves to dive into. This new area, connected to the existing pool area, gives him over 45% more space to roam and explore. 

He has already taken to playing and digging into the dirt and spent his first day he had access to the habitat rolling in the mud, turning this white bear into a brown bear! 

When you visit, be aware that Kiska has a choice on where he likes to spend his time. So if you don't see him where you historically would near the pool, head over to the path near the Catwalk to look for him in his new "Tundra" space!


MEDIA: b-roll of Kiska’s first day the expanded habitat is here.

Note: Since this time, the habit has been repainted to reflect a Tundra theme.