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ABQ BioPark Earns American Humane Certified™ Approval for Exceptional Animal Welfare

Independent recognition further demonstrates BioPark's proven commitment to animal wellbeing.
August 10, 2023

American Humane, the United States’ first national humane organization and the world’s largest certifier of animal welfare practices, announced today that ABQ BioPark in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a vibrant aquarium, zoo, botanical garden and public park, earned the American Humane Certified™ seal of approval for its excellent treatment of animals and commitment to conservation.  


“ABQ BioPark’s commitment to animal conservation both locally and globally is commendable. I am pleased to announce that it has earned the American Humane Certified™ certification for excellence and that means visitors will know that the Park has met American Humane’s high standards for care and the animals receive the love and compassion they deserve,” said Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane.


The Humane Conservation™ program is the first certification effort solely dedicated to helping verify the welfare and demonstrably humane treatment of animals living in zoos, aquariums and conservation centers across the globe. The program enforces rigorous, science-based, and comprehensive criteria for animal welfare, developed by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of world-renowned leaders in the fields of animal science, animal behavior, and animal ethics. The standards help to verify good practices at deserving zoos and aquariums and offer increased assurance to visitors that the institution they are visiting is worthy of their support. 


The certification process—which involves independent, third-party reviews—verifies the many dimensions of animal welfare. Areas of evaluation include—but are not limited to—excellent health and housing, social interactions with other animals and handlers, safe and stimulating environments, and evidence of thorough preparation and protocols established to handle medical care.


“Each and every day the dedicated professionals at the ABQ BioPark provide the very highest quality of care to the animals across all BioPark facilities,” said Stephanie Stowell, BioPark director. “This designation by American Humane is yet another way for us to measure the high standard of care provided to the animals that call the BioPark home and that serve as ambassadors for the conservation work that drives us all.”

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