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Wood Burning Exemptions

Information about Wood-Burning Exemptions in Albuquerque.

Wood Burning Exemptions







There are some exemptions to burn restrictions for Bernalillo County. If any of the following apply, you may burn during a "No Burn" period.

  • Use of an EPA-certified wood stove or fireplace.
  • If the woodburning device is the sole source of heat or fuel for cooking
  • Medical necessity of a woodburning device
  • Low-income status
  • Emergency situations such as the failure of a residence's primary heating system

Online Exemption Request

  • To submit an online exemption request visit
  • Select "I want to register" to create a new user profile or login with existing credentials

Proof of Exemption

If you believe you qualify for an exemption you may download or print the following documents.

For more information, call 505-768-1972 or email [email protected].