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Information on Route Detours and Route Delays

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For trip planning assistance, (505) 243-RIDE (V/TTY)


Stop Closures/Relocations:

For a Few Stops along Lomas and Juan Tabo, near Manzano High School

Effective Oct. 27, 2014 to approximately Nov. 14, 2014. Stops altered due to gas line construction on eastbound Lomas, east of Juan Tabo.

  • The northbound, nearside stop for Rt. #1 on Juan Tabo at Lomas (next to the AA Buffet) is closed. Riders recommended to use the far side stop on Juan Tabo for Rt. # 1 (next to the Circle K/Phillips66) during construction.


      • Three, eastbound stops on Rt. #11 will be closed during construction:
        • The #11 stop on eastbound Lomas, just west of Juan Tabo (next to the Texaco)
        • The #11 stop on eastbound Lomas, just east of Juan Tabo (next to the AA Buffet)
        • The #11 stop in front of Manzano High School


        • The stop for westbound #11 on Lomas, across from Manzano High School, is also temporarily closed.


          • The westbound stop for the #11, on the nearside of Juan Tabo (and next to the Circle K/Phillips66) is closed. During construction, riders are recommended to use the far side stop for the westbound #11 on Lomas, just west of Juan Tabo (and next to Taco Bell).


            The stop closures are due to lane channeling, sending eastbound travel onto the westbound side. Eastbound sidewalk travel is also closed down.



            Effective Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 until completion.  Route is temporarily on detour due to construction from road closure on Signal Ave., between Ventura NE and Barstow NE.

            Northbound – To La Cueva High School


            West–Alameda Blvd.



            Back to Regular Route


            Southound – From La Cueva High School

            East–Alameda Blvd.


            Back to Regular Route


            #251-ABQ-Rio Rancho/Rail Runner Connection

            Effective Monday, Aug. 18, 2014 until completion.  Route is temporarily on detour due to the closure of Jefferson at El Pueblo caused by the Paseo del Norte Reconstruction Project.

            Inbound to El Pueblo Station from Paseo del Norte

            • South–2nd street
            • East–Ranchitos
            • North–Edith
            • West–El Pueblo to Station


            Outbound from El Pueblo Station

            • West-El Pueblo
            • North-2nd St
            • North-Paseo del Norte
            • South-Jefferson

            Regular Route


            #98-Wyoming Commuter

            *Permanent Change

            Effective Monday, July 7, 2014. Route #98-Wyoming Commuter is permanently changing its route due to Kirtland Air Force Base opening the Carlisle Gate (at Gibson Blvd and Carlisle SE) only between 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.

            AM – Leaving Base

            • West–Randolph
            • North-Truman

            Exit-Truman Gate


            PM – Entering Base

            Enter Truman Gate

            • South-Truman
            • East-Randolph


            #40-D-Ride/Free Downtown Shuttle

            In effect Friday, Dec. 6, 2013 until Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.  Detouring due to shutdown of 3rd Street between Marquette NW and Tijeras NW for construction at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

            • East–Lomas
            • South–2nd Street
            • East-Gold

            RESUME REGULAR ROUTE into the ATC

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