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Route Detours

Information about ABQ RIDE route detours and route delays.

Route 54 on Detour at 98th Street Due to the Westgate Community Center Being Closed

Effective June 4, 2024 through June 17 2024, route # 54 will be on detour due to the Westgate Community Center being closed. Please note that the stop at the Westgate Community Center (ID # 1863) will be closed. 


Southbound on 98th Street

  • Continuing South on 98th St.


Routes 8 & 36 on Detour from the Alvarado Transportation Center Due to the Closing of Silver Avenue Between 4th and 5th Street

Effective Wednesday, June 5 at 6:00 p.m. through June 6, 2024 at 18:00 p.m. Routes # 8 and 36 inbound and outbound will be on detour due to a road closure in the downtown area near the Bernalillo County administrative headquarters building on Silver Ave between 4th and 5th St. Please note that bus stops at 6th & Gold (ID # 6979), Silver & 4th St. (ID # 6978), 2nd St. & Silver (ID # 6975), Silver & 5th St. (ID # 6976), and 3rd St. & Silver (ID # 6974) will be closed, and we will use the stop at Lead & 5th St. (ID # 1735) as a temporary stop for the outbound buses.



  • Approaching Gold. Turning eastbound on Gold. Into the Alvarado Transit Center (ATC).



  • Continuing southbound on 3rd St. Approaching Lead. Turning westbound on Lead. Approaching 5th St. Turning northbound on 5th St.


Route 766 on Detour Due to Road Closure Between Louisiana America's Parkway

Effective Monday, June 3, 2024 until further notice, Indian School will be closed between Louisiana Blvd. and America's Parkway. Bus stops at Indian School and Louisiana (ID # 4607) and Indian School and Q St. (ID # 7158) will be closed and temporary stops will be added on the north and south sides of Indian School on America's Parkway.

Route 766 Eastbound / Westbound

  • Continuing north on Uptown Loop. Curving west on Arvada Ave. Continuing west on America’s Parkway. Curving south on America’s Parkway. Approaching Uptown Blvd. Turning east on Uptown Blvd. Approaching Indiana St. Turning South on Indiana St. Back to regular route.


Route 766 Westbound / Southbound

  • Turning north on America’s Parkway. Curving east on America’s Parkway. Continuing east on Arvada Ave. Curving south on Uptown Loop. Back to regular route.


Routes 66, 766 & 777 Updated Service on Saturdays Only for the Farmer's Market at Robinson Park

Effective every Saturday starting on April 13, 2024 until Saturday, November 2, 2024. This Saturday-only detour is in effect from the beginning of service until 2:00pm. The route detours and stops affected are listed below:

Route 66 Westbound

  • Detour will be North on 6th St. to West on Tijeras to South on 12th St. back to West on Central.
  • The bus stops at Copper & 8th St. and Central & 10th St. will be skipped due to this detour.


Route 766 & 777

  • Detour will be North on 6th St. to West on Tijeras to South on 12th St. back to West on Central.
  • There will be no bus stops missed with this detour.



Route #198 on Detour Due to Road Closure of 98th St.

Effective Wednesday, April 17, 2024 until further notice.

  • All stops on 98th street between Blake and De Anza are closed.
  • Temporary bus stops will be on  Blake between 98th St and Gibson.



Route #53 on Detour Due to Construction at Isleta and Bridge

Effective Tuesday, February 6, 2024 until further notice. 

  • Northbound bus stops on Isleta Blvd. between Arenal Rd. and Bridge Blvd. are on a detour.
  • Detour is northbound on Isleta, continue northbound on Golf Blvd, and turn eastbound on Bridge Blvd. Back to regular route.

  • Four temporary bus stops are set up located at Goff at Isleta, Bridge at Goff, Bridge at Gatewood, and Bridge at Sunset.