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Information on Route Detours and Route Delays

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Routes #66-Central and #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line

Effective on Tuesday, July 26,  2016 and until further notice, four stops on westbound Central between San Pasquale and Clayton are being temporarily closed, due to power pole replacement by Public Service Co. of New Mexico.

The following westbound Central stops are temporarily closed for now:

  • #66 westbound stop on Central at San Pasquale (in front of Wendy's)
  • #66 westbound stop on Central, just east of Rio Grande
  • #66 & #766 westbound stop on Central, just west of Rio Grande
  • #66 westbound stop on Central at Clayton (in front of McDonald's)


Route #2-Eubank

Effective Monday, Aug. 1, 2016 until end of service on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2015. Detouring and missing five stops due to road work and closure on Signal Ave, between Barstow and Ventura NE.

Detour Southbound

  • East–Alameda Blvd.
  • South–Ventura Blvd.

Back to Regular Route


Detour Northbound

  • North–Ventura Blvd.
  • West–Alameda Blvd.
  • South–Barstow St.
  • West–Wilshire Ave.

Back to Regular Route

Temporary Stops Are Being Placed at the Following Locations:

  • Eastbound Alameda, just west of Barstow
  • Eastbound Alameda, in front of the office complex
  • Southbound Ventura, just west of Signal
  • Northbound Ventura, on the south side of Signal  
  • Westbound Alameda, in front of the office complex
  • Westbound Alameda, just west of Barstow

Route #50-Airport/Downtown

Effective Monday, July 25, 2016. Detouring  southbound due to roadwork at Mulberry and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd.

Southbound detour:

  • South-Encino
  • East-Roma
  • South-University
  • East-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and back to regular route


Routes #66-Central, #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line, #777-Rapid Ride/Green Line and #790-Rapid Ride/Blue Line-westbound only


Week of July 25-29, 2016

The Water Utility Authority will begin removing roadway and installing the new 6” and 12” water lines. During initial construction, the two outside lanes will be closed on Central from Yale to University, with one lane open in each direction (eastbound and westbound). Right-hand turns will be permitted for eastbound traffic at Mesa, Terrace, and Buena Vista as well as University and Yale.


#66-Central only: The last stop before construction zone at Central and Maple will be service. Temporarily, there will be   no service at Central and University. Service will resume at Central and Harvard.


Routes #66, #766, #777 and #790:

All routes will service the last stop at Central and Cornell 66, as this will also be a temporary stop for 766, 777 and 790. Stops at Central and Yale and Central and University near side will temporarily not be serviced.

Route #10-North 4th Street on Temporary Detour Due to Construction at 4th and Aspen

Due to road construction at 4th Street and Aspen (at the railroad tracks), Route #10-North 4th -is on temporary detour, and has two bus stop closures/temporary bus stops.

West - Aspen
North - 5th Street
East - Haines
North - 4th Street

East - Haines
South - 3rd Street
West - Hannett
South - 4th

Please note: two bus stops will temporarily close and two temporary stops will go up during this construction:

Southbound stop south of Haines - Closed
Northbound stop south of Haines - Closed

Temporary southbound stop - Just south of Aspen
Temporary northbound stop - Just north of Haines


Detours on Routes #66-Central, #766-Red Line and #777-Green Line Starting Monday, July 18, 2016

These three Central Avenue routes will be on westbound detour starting Monday, July 18, 2016 through Thursday, September 15, 2016, due to construction on 1st Street between Central and Copper.


West - Central
North - 2nd Street
West - copper

Return to regular route

NOTE: Temporary bus stops for these three routes will be located on westbound Central between 1st and 2nd.

Route #66-Central

The eastbound Route #66-Central stop on Central at 64th Street (between the Sonic Drive In and Sunridge Dental Care) is temporarily closed until further notice. This is due to Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) work on the roadway. For the time being, please use either the eastbound #66 stop at Central and Coors SW or the eastbound #66 stop at Central and 61st St. SW.


Route #66-Central (and #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line)

Due to construction on eastbound Central between 56th St. SW and 62nd St. SW, the #66 eastbound stops 57th and Central, 59th and Central and 61st and Central are temporarily closed. Passengers will neither be picked up nor dropped off at closed stops for safety concerns.

*Also, expect Routes #66-Central and #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line to encounter delays during this construction.



 Routes #10-North 4th Street and #157-Montaño/Uptown/Kirtland

Road construction on 4th St NW and Montaño could delay both Route #10-North 4th St and #157-Montaño/Uptown/Kirtland for the next few weeks.







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