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Manzano Mesa Sports & Fitness Center

Manzano Mesa

Sports & Fitness Center

Front of Manzano Mesa Senior Center

Manzano Mesa Sports & Fitness Center Information

501 Elizabeth SE
Albquerque, NM 87107
Monday - Friday 8 AM to 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM
(505) 275-8731

Center Manager: Edward Nunez, [email protected]

Youth Coordinator: Matthew McCoy, [email protected]


The 50+ Sports and Fitness Program

The 50+ Sports & Fitness Program provides opportunities to learn safe, effective, and fun ways to exercise. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and help maintain independence in the later years of life.

Keep active and healthy with a range of sports and exercise activities at the centers, satellite centers, and weight training facilities. Studies show that with exercise, mature adults can reduce bone loss, increase muscular strength, remain active, prevent falls and live longer independently.

The 50+ Sports and Fitness Program includes individual and group weight training classes; aerobic, gentle, and flex tone exercise classes; adapted aquatics; an outdoor recreation program; a walking program; evidenced-based programs; and the Albuquerque 50+ Games. In addition, there are new classes and opportunities added regularly. For more details, download our 50+ Sports & Fitness Catalog or pick one up from your nearest center.

Manzano Mesa Fitness Center

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