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Department of Seniors Affairs

Our Department

Mission: The Department of Senior Affairs is a community leader, who in partnership with others, involves seniors and people of all ages in creating a community that enhances everyone’s quality of life by providing opportunities to achieve their potential, share their wisdom, maintain their independence, and live in dignity.


 Department of Senior Affairs 2016-2017 ( FY17 ) Highlights:

    • Information & Assistance: 7,152 contacts with approximately 4,891 seniors 
    • Case Management: 6,509 hours of service to 1,899 senior households 
    • Home Services: 15,237 hours of service to 1,939 senior households 
    • Home Delivered Meals: 136,663 meals delivered to 913 homebound seniors
    • Meal Sites: 177,817 meals prepared for 3,459 seniors 
    • Transportation: 62,590 one-way trips provided to 1,787 seniors 
    • Recreation: 25,500 members participate in a variety of center activities
    • Sports & Fitness: 180,069 sports & fitness visits

A Population Fact:

By 2030 New Mexico will move from 39th in the nation to 4th in the nation in the percentage of people older than 65.

- 2000 Census Projections

Group Picture of Seniors


Advisory Council


The Advisory Council consists of twelve (12) voting members, eight (8) appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council, two(2) appointed by the Bernalillo County Commission, one (1) member appointed by the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, one (1)member appointed by the Village of Tijeras.

Current Members

Representing the City of Albuquerque

Debby Knotts, Chair

Marianne Chiffelle, Vice-Chair
Manzano Mesa

Representing Bernalillo County 

Greg Lopez
North Domingo Baca

Representing the Village of Los Ranchos

C. Hugh Formhals
North Valley

Business meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 12:00pm with the exception of August; there is no meeting.  Changes of time and place are at the discretion of the Council. Call 764-6469 for more information. 


  • Promote awareness and education on senior issues, increasing community involvement and commitment to seniors.
  • Advocate on behalf of seniors, insuring the senior population is represented and the policies support the mission of the Department of Senior Affairs.
  • Support the program development by acting as the ears and eyes of the Department, assessing needs and skills of seniors, become knowledgeable of available services in the community, assessing and giving recommendations on program development and delivery of services and supporting the funding development activities.
  • Support the development of strategic alliances, identifying and encouraging essential partnerships between DSA and other entities.