Dangerous Dogs

Angel's Law

Angel's Law (view City Ordinance - Chapter 9, Article 17) was established to protect the public, especially young children and others unable to protect themselves from vicious attacks, from the threat to health and safety that dangerous dogs present. The City Council found that owners who allow their dangerous dogs to run loose in the city or fail to safely and humanely restrain those dogs on their property are criminally and civilly liable for the harm those dogs cause.

The ordinance focuses on three items: Potentially Dangerous Dogs, Dangerous Dogs, and Irresponsible Owners.
Note: Police dogs are not included in the definitions.

  • Potentially Dangerous Dog: A dog capable of causing serious harm to humans or other animals and observed at large by any person or observed by any person on the property where the dog is kept under conditions leading any reasonable person to conclude that the owner has not taken adequate precautions to prevent the dog from being able to escape or young children from being able to enter.
  • Dangerous Dog: A dog that has caused serious injury (Any physical injury that results in broken bones or lacerations that require multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery) or was previously designated as a potentially dangerous dog and subsequently (1) causes injury to a person or animal that is less severe than a serious injury, (2) is observed by any person chasing or menacing a person or animal in an aggressive manner and without provocation or (3) is impounded at Animal Welfare two or more times.
  • Irresponsible Owner: A dog owner deemed incapable or unable to safely or humanely own a dog.

Names, Descriptions & Locations

The ordinance allows a list of dangerous dogs, along with the address of the property where located, to be posted on this website.

Dog Name & Description Location
AID: A1132113 "Uma" (F) White, Boxer 9 La Villita Cir NE, 87112
AID: A1599124 "Peace" (N) White/Black, Aust Shepherd 112 University Blvd SE, 87106
AID: A1501255 "Buddy" (N) Black/White, Labrador Retriever 201 Alcazar St NE, 87108
AID: A1699343 "Triumphant" (M) Tri-Color, Pit Bull 205 Shannon Pl NW, 87107
AID: A1591263 "Odien" (N) Black/Tan, Germ Shepherd 211 1/2 14th St NW, 87104 
AID: A0973715 "Rufus" (N) White/Black, American Bulldog 219 Harvard SE, 87106
AID: A1676659 "Kain" (N) Tan/White, Pit Bull Mix 237 Pennsylvania St NE #A, 87108
AID: A1543966 "Fido" (N) Tan, Shar Pei Mix 321 Claire Ln SW, 87121
AID: A1708600 "Marble" (N) Brown/White, Am Pit Bull Terrier Mix 352 Lindsay Pl SW, 87121
AID: A1618164 "Scarlet" (S) Red/White, Pit Bull Mix 405 Mimi Ct SW, 87105
AID: A0725712 "Manotas " (N) Tan/White, Pit Bull 424 60th St SW, 87121
AID: A1585979 "Disco" (N) Brown/White, Siberian Husky 432 94th Street SW, Lot B, 87121
AID: A1689518 "Tiger" (N) Brindle, Pit Bull Mix 519 Martinez Ave NE, 87102
AID: A1622118 "TY" (M) Tricolor, Beagle Mix 601 Menaul Blvd NW, 87107
AID: A1662037 "Tessla" (N) Black, Flat Coat Retriever Mix 817 Florida St SE, 87108
AID: A1056442 "Lepeley" (S) Tan, Chinese Sharpei 723 Bellamah Ave NW, 87102
AID: A1133411 "Guapo" (N) Blue, Pit Bull Mix 808 Cagua Dr NE, 87108
AID: A1604296 "Bandido" (N) Blond, Shar Pei Mix 817 Lewis Ave SW, 87102
AID: A1687729 "Jake" (N) Brown, Labrador Retriever Mix 840 Ortiz Dr SE, Apt #1, 87108
AID: A1687730 "Princess" (S) Brown, German Shepherd Mix 840 Ortiz Dr SE, Apt #1, 87108
AID: A1693411 "Totem" (N) Brown/Brindle, Aust Shepherd Mix 915 Tambora St NW, 87120
AID: A0855173 "Bolo" (M) Chocolate/Brown, Pit Bull 1205 La Charles Dr NE, 87112
AID: A1634985 "Diabla" (S) Black/Tan, Rottweiler Mix 1328 Boatright Dr NE, 87112
AID: A1692225 "PJ" (F) Grey/White, Pit Bull 1324 Quiet Desert Dr SW, 87121
AID: A1136895 "Kera" (S) Black/Tan, Rottweiler 1600 Wagon Train Dr SE, 87123 
AID: A1643160 "Chuck" (N) Brindle/White, American Pit Bull Mix 1700 Market St NW, 87120
AID: A0933981 "Lil Foot" (N) Am Pit Bull Terrier 1815 Rayo Del Sol Dr SW, 87121
AID: A1128447 "M & M" (N) Blue/White, Pit Bull Mix 1901 Mae Ave SW, 87105
AID: A1070739 "Xena" (F) Grey/Blue Merle, Great Dane Mix 1916 San Martin NW, 87107
AID: A1585588 "Blue" (M) Blue, Pit Bull 1918 Tierra De La Luna SW, 87121
AID: A1039618 "Puppy" (N) Black/Tan, Chihuahua SH 2107 New York Ave SW, 87104
AID: A1039617 "Rufus" (N) Tan, Chihuahua SH 2107 New York Ave SW, 87104
AID: A1650163 "Ace" (N) Brown, Pit Bull 2306 Chelwood Park Blvd NE, Apt. 2-B, 87112
AID: A1598466 "Chubbs" (M) Black, Labrador Retriever 2314 Inez St NE, 87110
AID: A1091510 "Angel" (S) Tan/Black, German Shepherd Mix 2319 Commercial St NE, 87102
AID: A1660980 "Douggie" (N) Black/Gray, Catahoula Mix 2319 Commercial St NE, 87102
AID: A1514520 "Angel" (S) White, Pit Bull 2508 Sandler St NE, 87112
AID: A1153391 "Brooklyn" (S) Brindle, Pit Bull Mix 2735 Santa Clara Ave SE, 87106
AID: A1085930 "Hopi" (S) Black, Rottweiler 2909 Arno St NE, 87107
AID: A1564409 "Rudy" (N) Brown/White, Pit Bull Mix 3221 Madeira Dr NE, 87110
AID: A1577802 "Tank" (N) Brown/White, Pit Bull Mix 3629 Lombardy Rd NW, 87105
AID: A1008717 "Blanco" (N) Tan/White, Labrador Retriever 4229 Courtney Ave NE, 87108
AID: A1617373 "Mugsy Malone" (N) Brown, Pit Bull Mix 4233 Central Ave SE #3, 87108
AID: A1662014 "Zeus" (N) Brown/Black, German Shepherd Mix 4505 Shadow Ave NW, 87114
AID: A0893445 "Cocoa" (S) Brindle, Pit Bull Mix 4520 Jupiter St NW, 87107
AID: A1628692 "Riblet" (S) Fawn, Boxer 4636 Sorrel Ln SW, 87105
AID: A1115727 "Jigger" (N) Black/Tan, German Shepherd  4816 Galleta Rd NW, 87120
AID: A1658186 "Marbels" (S) White/Brown, Pit Bull Mix 4914 Rincon Rd NW, 87105
AID: A1591700 "Bella" (S) Brown/White, Pit Bull 5022 Pastura Pl NW, 87107
AID: A1508703 "Little Man" (N) Red/White, Pit Bull Mix 5212 Park Ridge Rd NW, 87120
AID: A1508788 "Thunder" (N) Tan, Pit Bull 5212 Park Ridge Rd NW, 87120
AID: A1618690 "Badger" (N) Brown, Labrador Retriever 6416 Dorado Beach Dr NE, 87111
AID: A1612722 "Darla Mae" (S) Black/White, Pit Bull 6423 Milne Rd NW, 87120
AID: A1539133 "Bosco" (N) Red, Rhodesian Ridgeback 6627 Agave Verde Way NE, 87123
AID: A1080579 "Gretta" (S) Tri-Color, Queensland Heeler 6631 Salt Cedar Trl NW, 87120
AID: A0896729 "Bane" (N) Tan, Alaskan Malamute 6705 Ranchitos Rd NE, 87121
AID: A1632133 "Hercules" (N) Brown/White, Pit Bull Mix 6809 Ina Dr NE, 87109 
AID: A1701261 "Coco" (S) Blue, Am Pit Bull Terrier 7101 Dona Adelina Ave SW, 87121
AID: A1714346 "Zoey" (S) Gray/Brn, Am Pit Bull Terrier Mix 7112 Acton Ct. NW, 87114
AID: A1714345 "Benji" (S) Gray/White, Am Pit Bull Terrier Mix 7112 Acton Ct. NW, 87114
AID: A1717959 "Roco" (M) White/Brown, Boxer Mix 7112 Acton Ct. NW, 87114
AID: A1129327 "Athena" (S) Red/White, Siberian Husky 7209 Del Pasado NW, 87120
AID: A1656085 "B2" (N) Brindle/White, Pit Bull Mix 8115 Constitution Ave NE, 87110
AID: A1190316 "Tazzee" (S) Black/White, Am Pit Bull Terrier Mix 8820 Round Rock Rd SW, 87121
AID: A1560510 "Max" (N) Brown, Boxer Mix 9105 Sunfish Ave SW, 87121
AID: A1121519 "Frosty" (S) White, German Shepherd Mix 9107 Port Rd NW, 87121
AID: A1669288 "K9" (N) Black/White, Pit Bull Mix 9221 Aztec Rd NE, 87111
AID: A1668456 "Tiger Lily" Brindle, Pit Bull Mix 9752 Summer Shower Pl NW, 87120
AID: A1114358 "Charlie" (S) Fawn, Briard 9904 Sand Verbena Trail NE, 87122
AID: A1115241 "Mary Jane" (S) Black/White, Pit Bull 10109 Round Up Pl SW, 87121
AID: A1649739 "Sampson" (N) White, American Bulldog Mix 10312 Amatista St NW, 87114
AID: A1676685 "Sampson" (N) White/Tan, Staff Bull Terrier 10415 Mesa Sunset Ave SW, 87121
AID: A1682371 "Missy" (S) Black/Tan, German Shepherd Mix 10427 Gila Gulch Rd SW, 87121
AID: A1657618 "Hachi" (S) White/Tan, (Smooth) Border Collie 10551 Blanco Dr NW, 87114
AID: A0801902 "BlackJack" (N) Black, Labrador Retriever 10621 Steward St NW, 87114
AID: A1683290 "Menace" (N) Blue/Brindle, Pit Bull Mix 10702 Pecos Pl SW, 87121
AID: A0965813 "Ruby" (S) White/Brown, Bulldog 10904 Princess Jeanne Ave, 87112
AID: A1043308 Deisel (N) Large Pit Bull 11104 Indian School Rd, 87112
AID: A1642229 "Maku" (N) White/Brindle, Pit Bull 11304 Nassau Dr NE, 87111
AID: A1643941 "Daisy" (S) Brown/White, Pit Bull Mix 11304 Nassau Dr NE, 87111
AID: A1568677 "Luke" (N) Tan/Black, Chinese Sharpei Mix 11512 Hughes Ave NE, 87112
AID: A1577327 "Diamond" (S) White/Gray, Pit bull 12317 Manitoba NE 87111
AID: A1682371 "Missy" (S) Black/Tan, German Shepherd Mix 10427 Gila Gulch Rd SW, 87121
AID: A1147689 "Titus" (M) Black, Cane Corso 10601 Brookline Pl NW, 87114
AID: A1546635 "Zoe" (S) Brindle, Pit bull 12444 Morrow Ave NE, 87112
AID: A1639464 "Millard" (S) Tricolor, Boxer 13012 Parkview Ave NE, 87123
AID: A1607805 "Jinx" (S) Black/Brown, Labrador Retriever Mix 14305 Marquette Dr NE, 87123