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Permit Fees

Information for obtaining permits for your pet as well as what can be done for stray animals in your neighborhood.

Permit Fees

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Puppies or kittens may be sold privately in the city of Albuquerque only if the owner has an Intact Animal Permit which costs $150 and a Companion Animal Litter Permit ($150). The Animal Litter permit must be bought no later than 1 week after the litter is born and is only good for six months.

Otherwise, it is illegal to sell puppies or kittens within the city limits. Ordinance 9-2-4-4 says “no person shall display, sell, give away, barter or auction or otherwise dispose on residential, commercial or public property without a litter permit.” Pet Stores in Albuquerque may only sell small animals like rats, mice, snakes, turtles, etc.
For more information, see the Heart Ordinance FAQ.

Illegal Pet Sales

The City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department wants to make sure that all people selling animals are properly permitted. Most people do not realize selling animals on the side of the road or by classified ad, without a permit, is illegal. If you witness someone selling an animal or see a sign posted advertising the sale of animals, and you believe they are not properly permitted, the Animal Welfare Department would like to know about it. Please call 311 to report an illegal seller.


For more details, please review the HEART Ordinance.

Permit Description Fee
Intact Companion Animal Permit (ICAP) Annual permitting for a dog or cat over the age of six months that has not been neutered or spayed. $150.00/per animal/year
Litter permit Permit, good for six months from date of issue, that must be obtained within one week after the birth of the litter. A Household is limited to no more than four Litter Permits in any consecutive 12 month period and no more than one Litter Permit per female Companion Animal in any consecutive 12 month period. $150.00/litter
Multiple Companion Animal Site Permit (MCASP) Annual permitting for any person intending to exceed the maximum limit of six Companion Animals, no more than four of which are dogs, in a Household. $50.00/site/year
Exotic or Wild Animal Collection Permit (EWACP) Annual permitting for any person who wishes to receive, purchase, own or keep 15 or more Permissible Exotic or Wild Animals shall first obtain an Exotic or Wild Animal Collection Permit. $50.00/person/year
Guard Dog Site Permit (GDSP) Annual permitting for an establishment that utilizes a Guard Dog . Requires application process with officer approval. $150.00/site/year
Guard Dog Sign   $15.00 each + tax
Animal Service Provider Permit (ASPP) Annual permitting for an establishment that takes temporary possession of an Animal from the Owner, not on the Owner's property, to perform a service for the Animal of Owner, including, but not limited to, Grooming Parlors, Animal Day Care establishments and Boarding Kennels, but excluding Pet Stores. Animal Service Provider does not include a licensed Veterinarian. $75.00/site/year
Pet Store Permit (PSP) Annual permitting for an establishment that, in whole or in part, offers Animals, other than Companion Animals, for sale or resale, or sells Animals to consumers or wholesalers. $100.00/site/year
Trolley Permit A one time permit, good for one year, issued by the City authorizing the use of a Trolley. In order to obtain a Trolley Permit, the applicant must prove that all other means of restricting the Animal to the personal property have been exhausted.  Requires application process with officer approval. $50/animal
Animal-Drawn Vehicle Permit (ADVP) Annual permitting allowing a Person to attach an Animal to a vehicle for the purpose of moving the vehicle. $150/animal/year

There Are Stray Cats in My Neighborhood. What Should I Do?

We appreciate your concern about neighborhood cats. Please read more about stray cats in Albuquerque.

Feral Cats

The Animal Welfare Department does not have cat traps for rent, and it will not come to your neighborhood to pick up cats unless they have bitten a person or are injured.

Feeding stray cats is very common, but attempting to eradicate the cats through poisoning or other means is a crime that will be prosecuted.

Animal Humane New Mexico does rent out cat traps, but only if you are participating in its "Catch and Release-Spay/Neuter Program" for feral cats.  For more information, call 505-255-5523 Ext. 105 to participate.  Traps can also be purchased from retailers or over the Internet, but the department makes no recommendations that would favor a particular vendor.

There are local charitable groups that sponsor programs to help control the population of feral cats. The cats are sterilized so they won’t reproduce, then they continue living outdoors. These groups are well versed on where to get traps, how to use them, where to take the cats for sterilization, and what to do afterwards.

For more information on feral cats, you can contact:

  • New Mexico Animal Friends, 505-881-7297
  • Animal Humane Clinic, 505-255-5523 Ext. 105

Skunks, Squirrels & Wild Dogs

Animal Welfare no longer rents out traps for animals such as skunks and squirrels and wild dogs.