Volunteer Opportunities

The Parks and Recreation Department needs you! Help us take care of our parks and bike trails!

The City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department welcomes all volunteers! Citizen assistance in keeping our nearly 300 city parks clean and usable is valuable to all in the community. You may volunteer individually, and groups are always welcome. You may choose to do simple things like trash pickup and weed pulling, but some more involved projects may require training and assistance from Park Management personnel. Park Management can provide trash bags, brooms, rakes and shovels for your project. Please call (505) 857-8657 and sign up to become a park volunteer. Thank you!


Thank You Haley Gibson!

Mayor Announces New Volunteer of the Month Program

Feb. 7, 2014

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry announced changes to the city's volunteer programs, including a new name for the city's volunteerism office which will now be known as ABQ Volunteers. Additionally, he announced a new award presented by the city to individuals who volunteer for causes that make the City of Albuquerque a better place to live. Selections are made based off submissions received through the city website at volunteer.cabq.gov.

The first every city volunteer of the month is eleven year old Haley Gibson. Haley saw a problem in her community and took the initiative to fix it.

Haley has always taken an interest in keeping her community clean, and takes it to heart when she notices people who litter or show a lack of respect for local parks and playgrounds. Recently Haley was at a local park and noticed a slide that was covered in graffiti and damaged by vandals. She was resolved to fix the problem and set out to do just that.

Haley started sending emails to her contacts to enlist the help of others and identify resources to organize a park wide clean up. She made fliers and passed them out in the neighborhood and at her school. With the support of her family and friends, she set out to clean up the park so that children could have a fun and safe place to play. Haley indicates that she knew her hard work was worthwhile when shortly after completing the project, she spotted two little girls playing on the playground equipment and once again enjoying the park.

Haley Gibson's generous and caring nature has improved the experience of residents and visitors to our local parks. Spearheading this project from start to finish, she demonstrated her commitment and dedication to her neighborhood and community. Haley exemplifies how serving others is the greatest reward of all.

Pat Hurley and Lavaland Park Volunteers

Pat Hurley and Lavaland Park Volunteers

Volunteering in City Parks

Volunteering in City of Albuquerque parks and bike trails are a great way to help our community shine!

Simple park projects available year round:

  • Trash pickup
  • Weed removal
  • Raking sand boxes
  • Sweeping walkways/sidewalks
  • Cleaning/weeding of flower beds
  • Cleaning/wiping of playground equipment

**Track your volunteer time at parks with our Monthly Volunteer Worksheet Form **

Current Volunteer Projects

Lobo Little League Fields - new event!

North Domingo Baca Park - weeds in all planter areas, graveled areas, Skate Park, parking lots (milled and the planters in the parking lots), and in the Dog Park (the dog park has lots of goat heads/stickers that are overtaking the entrances in & out of the dog areas and along the fence lines)

Quintessence Park- weeds in the planter areas, graveled areas, around the playground, around the tennis courts, along the pathways, and in the parking lot

Holiday Park- weeds in the planters and parking lots

Vineyard Park - weeds in the planters & native sections, in the cobbled areas, crusher fines areas, and around the shade structure/gazebo

La Paloma Park- weeds along the perimeter of the park that encroach the native areas (this is a small park)

Call Malia Tafoya to coordinate a volunteer cleanup of these areas: (505) 857-8657.

Adopt a Park or Bike Trail

Community organizations, businesses, and private citizens may adopt a park or trail. Adoption requires maintenance and beautification work such as picking up litter, weeding, or special projects as agreed upon by Park Management Division and you.

The program is flexible enough to allow organizations, business or individuals to choose a comfortable level of volunteer support.

Park Management recognizes each adoption by placing a sign on the site indicating the name of the volunteer partner. Park Management asks that you adopt the area for at least two years, so that the commitment and recognition will be meaningful.

We offer plenty of rewarding volunteer opportunities for individuals, small groups, and large groups. We have all the tools; we just need your time and energy.

Let us match you with a project you will enjoy.

This program provides volunteers with excellent opportunities to gain valuable work experience, make a connection with the community, and meet new people.

You will need the following to Adopt:

    1. Park Adoption Form - download here!
    2. Volunteer Application - download here!
    3. Volunteer Waiver of Liability - download here!

      Specific Areas Needing Attention

      This section is for "high need" projects or areas for volunteers; Park Management Supervisors have identified projects in this section as those that require frequent attention or have become problem areas for maintenance. Check back regularly for updated projects.

      Current Needs:

      1. The section of bike path next to Winrock Mall is overgrown and full of trash; a crew could work from Pennsylvania across the pedestrian bridge and stop at Tom Bollack Uraban Forest park.

      Critical needs

      • Trash and overgrown vegatation along Winrock boundary
      • Trash and clothing pickup below the pedestrian bridge on west side of bridge
      • Sweep trail as it makes the sharp turn into the Louisiana Tunnel
      • Sweep tunnel

      Please call the Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Herrarra, at (505) 857-8657 for more information and specifics on listed projects. Thank you!