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Mission Statement

The employees of the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Department pledge to provide our citizens and visitors with courteous, efficient, and timely professional service; To create a safe, healthy, and sustainable community in which we and our children enjoy a network of well planned, maintained, and operated parks, golf courses, open space, trails, and recreation facilities intended to improve and enhance the Quality of Life within our City.

Parks & Recreation Department Goals

  • Promote and Market Albuquerque’s Recreation Programs, Parks, Golf Courses, and Open Space
  • Develop New Strategies to Improve Albuquerque’s Leisure, Recreation, and Sports Facilities and Programs
  • Conserve and Sustain Albuquerque’s Natural and Cultural Resources for Future Generations
  • Meet Youth Entertainment and Sports Needs and Expectations
  • Maintain Harmony with Community and Neighborhood Associations
  • Ensure Every Visitor has a Quality Experience
  • Involve and Empower Community Groups
  • Increase Customer Confidence
  • Respond to Customer Needs Every Day of the Week

Albuquerque's Park Management Division maintains manages more than 286 park sites, 127 median and streetscape sites, and a total of 113 miles of developed urban and soft trails.

Park Management

Park Management's main focus is sustaining a healthy park system to make Albuquerque a great place to live and play.

Parks help people connect with nature and to each other. As places to relax, play, learn, and where people come together, parks are essential to the health of urban communities.

Open Space

The purpose of the Open Space Division is to acquire, protect, maintain, and manage significant natural landscapes and cultural resources for present and future generations. Major Public Open Space enhances the urban environment and provides wildlife habitat while offering opportunities for public enjoyment through outdoor education and low-impact recreation.





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