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Design Section

Information about the Engineering Division's Design Section.


The goal of the City's roadway infrastructure projects is to expand the City's existing transportation system through planning, design, and construction. The expansion of the transportation system is in an effort to address regional residential and commercial growth. This is accomplished through the addition of infrastructure that may add travel lanes, auxiliary lanes, bicycle and pedestrian amenities, and in some instances traffic signals where they are warranted.

Storm Drainage

The goal of the City's storm drainage infrastructure projects are to improve the effectiveness of the storm drainage system within the City by planning, designing and installing new and upgraded drainage facilities. This is accomplished through the design and construction of interconnected large and small diameter pipes, manholes, drainage inlets, detention ponds and open channels.

The design of these facilities are closely coordinated with the Storm Water Management Section of the Engineering Division in an effort to ensure that storm water quality control measures are incorporated into each and every storm drain project where practical in an attempt to rid the storm water runoff that reaches the Rio Grande of potential pollutants and excessive sediment, trash, and debris.

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