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Closed Sacramento Landfill

General information on the City of Albuquerque Closed Sacramento Landfill.

Location – 5500 Holly Avenue NE the northeast corner of Paseo del Norte and I-25

Property Ownership – NM Department of Transportation

Dates of Operation – 1962 by the City of Albuquerque

Waste Acres – 4.7 acres

Estimated Original Amounts of Waste – 73,600 tons or 147,200 cubic yards

Depth to Groundwater and Direction – 250-300 feet and flows to the southeast

Site Description

The former Sacramento landfill wan an approximately five acre borrow pit filled as a landfill with predominantly residential and commercial waste by the City in 1962. Waste depth is approximately 26 feet. Approximately 74,000 tons (147,000 cubic yards) of trash remains at the site.

Several geotechnical and landfill gas studies have been performed at the site. In 2005, ESD installed seven LFG monitoring wells on the perimeter of the landfill. Very low concentrations of methane are occasionally detected during monitoring events.

One groundwater monitoring well is located at the southeast corner of the site and is sampled annually. Past analytical results show no contamination.

ESD monitors groundwater at this landfill. The buffer zone for this landfill is established at 500 feet from the landfill boundary. Building projects and development projects located within the buffer zone are reviewed by Environmental Health for landfill gas impacts

Current Status

  • Continue semi-annual LFG and annual groundwater monitoring
  • No known development plans for 2016
  • A topographic and subsurface geophysical survey is planned for 2016

Project Documents

  • Landfill Gas Investigation and Characterization Study Sacramento Landfills – April 2002
  • Characterization of Debris for Disposal Sacramento Landfill – June 2009