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Holiday Gifts for Zoo Animals

People can buy for Zoo residents through the ABQ BioPark's Amazon wish lists.
Don't forget presents for the cheetah, elephants and polar bears this year when you go holiday shopping.

The NM BioPark Society has set up several Amazon wish lists for the ABQ BioPark Zoo's residents. The lists feature everything from pig-shaped piñatas for large carnivores to rip into to heavy duty trash containers that can be used to create ice treats for big cats and other carnivores.

"We have a variety of items on our lists that will help create more enriching experiences for the Zoo's many residents by promoting natural behaviors," said Tammy Schmidt, ABQ BioPark curator of mammals. "Other items on our lists may not be so flashy, but they're integral in providing top-quality care to our animals."

There is a general wish list and special lists for carnivores, primates, farm animals,
education/program animals and elephants.

The ABQ BioPark Zoo wish lists can be found here. You can also simply type "ABQ BioPark wish list" in Amazon's general search bar.