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Air Quality Assistance Program

Help for businesses who are unfamiliar with air quality regulations in Albuquerque and Bernalillo county.

Air Quality Assistance Program: Let Us Help

Note: Generally, this program is for businesses having less than 100 employees that are not a major source of air pollution and need help with understanding air quality regulations and the air quality permit application process.

Find out if you need a permit.

For many small businesses, determining whether or not the rules even apply can be difficult. Getting started can be confusing.

Once it is determined that your business is subject to air quality requirements the Air Quality Assistance Program can help you to complete the necessary forms and gather the required information to submit your air quality source registration or permit application.

  • The assistance is free to qualifying businesses.
  • The assistance is confidential.

Learn how to get started.

Services We Provide

The Air Quality Assistance Program offers help to businesses by providing the following services:

  • Determine if your business and activities are subject to air quality requirements.
  • Assist with air quality source registration and permit application submittals.
  • Provide on-site visits for air quality compliance assistance.
  • Provide environmental compliance and pollution prevention information.
  • Provide input to departmental strategies and rulemaking and their impacts on small businesses.
  • Provide emission inventory, reporting and recordkeeping assistance.
  • Develop industry-specific information and reporting, recordkeeping and application forms.
  • Conduct industry-specific presentations and workshops.

How to Get Started

If you need assistance, please contact the Air Quality Assistance Program:

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About this Program


The Air Quality Assistance Program (AQAP) is provided by the Air Quality Program of the City of Albuquerque’s Environmental Health Department.

The AQAP is federally-mandated program. The AQAP is dedicated to assisting businesses attain compliance with environmental regulations while achieving health, safety, and environmental benefits. Ultimately, by bringing businesses into compliance, environmental quality and economic growth in Bernalillo County will be enhanced.