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Transit Prepares Riders and Other Drivers for ART Launch on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 30

Safety education and enforcement will continue as service launches

With the launch of ART service coming this Saturday, ABQ RIDE is continuing its outreach on the basics of the ART bus for the safety of riders and other people using the road.

When ART service launches on November 30, riders will be able to ask questions and get demonstrations on all things ART from ambassadors stationed at the ART platforms throughout the day.

ART service consists of two routes, the #766, which runs from the Central and Unser Transit Center to Louisiana before turning north to service Uptown and the Uptown Transit Center, and the #777 which will serve Central Avenue all the way from Unser to Tramway. 

Schedules and route information are available at by clicking on “Routes and Schedules” at the top left of the page. Just scroll down to the #766-ART Red Line and the #777-ART Green Line for either weekday, Saturday or Sunday schedules. During most times, buses are scheduled to be at the platform every 10 minutes.

You can catch ART at any one of 19 platforms between the West Central (Coors) station to the International District (Louisiana) station. You can also pick up the bus at the Central and Unser Transit Center on the Westside or at the Uptown Transit Center in the Northeast Heights. North of Central on Louisiana, and along Central east of Louisiana, ART will still utilize the curbside Rapid Ride stops.

ART will be free from Saturday, November 30 through Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2020. Starting January 2, you can buy passes using your mobile device through the ABQRidetix mobile app, from ticket vending machines at any of the 19 ART stations, as well as at the Uptown Transit Center and Unser Transit Center. If you board at a curbside stop, you can buy your ticket at the fare box on the bus. All machines have audio instructions to help you along, as well as instructions in Braille for visually-impaired riders. 

Fares will be just $1 for adults to ride ($2 for a day pass), 35 cents for citizens ages 62+ or mobility-impaired and ages 10 through high school (70 cents for a day pass). You can also buy the passes at the Alvarado Transportation Center customer service windows from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can go to and click on “Tickets and Passes” on the left side of the screen to find the different kinds of passes and information on how to purchase yours. 

Starting Jan. 2, tickets and discount eligibility are subject to random inspection by Transit Security. Be ready to present valid fare while on the bus or at the station. UNM and CNM students, faculty and staff with the proper sticker on their ID may ride for free. Passengers may board through the front and back doors. Wheelchairs board at the front door only. Bikes load at the back door only to access the on-board bike racks.

For the safety of drivers, bus riders, and Transit workers, the public is urged to stay out of the ART lanes and avoid crossing the double lines to make left turns along the ART corridor. During the first month of service, public drivers who violate the ART lane will continue to get warnings. However, on January 2, 2020, APD will begin issuing tickets for prohibited use of an ART lane and for crossing a double white line, which could cost drivers up to $160 in fines. 

Upgrades to Transit security are also coming with the launch of ART. All ART buses and platforms feature security cameras that are connected directly to the Real Time Crime Center. ART buses will also be manned by city security officers in many cases.

The City of Albuquerque is encouraging people to try out ART when it opens, and use it to shop on the ART corridor on Small Business Saturday, November 30. And for the next month, people are encouraged to become familiar to the service, learn the route, and buy local for all their holiday shopping.

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