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City of Albuquerque Unveils New ART Bus

The City’s new demo Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) bus made its first public appearance at a news conference at ABQ RIDE’s Daytona facility today, as Mayor Tim Keller and city officials outlined the project’s path forward.

The 60 foot, New Flyer Xcelsior, articulated, clean-diesel bus recently arrived from the New Flyer assembly plant in Crookston, Minnesota. The bus currently has a turquoise colored base, and will eventually have a design that reflects the spirit of New Mexico.

“Our administration’s hard work throughout last year has enabled the city to obtain buses for the ART project in roughly six months, and saved taxpayers money,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “These buses will also have a new distinctively New Mexico look; something to better reflect our Burqueño spirit.”

The demo bus has passed the Altoona Testing as required by the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) and is equipped with all of the necessary safety certifications. The demo bus will receive a post-delivery inspection to ensure all mechanical and air conditioning/heating equipment is working. Initial route service start could commence this winter, as New Flyer continues to meet the delivery schedule, and when driver training, public safety awareness and final signal preparations conclude. 

This demo bus already comes outfitted with a state-of-the-art, Quantum Q’Straint wheelchair securement, automatic passenger counters, a fare box, and six inside bike racks. Once it is ready for service, it can carry a maximum of 42 passengers.

The rest of the ART buses are scheduled to be delivered over the next six months.

ART Bus-New Flyer-Balloon and ART Station

ART bus with balloon and mountains landscape

ART Bus-New Flyer-Mountains and ART Station

ART bus wth mountains landscape

ART Bus-New Flyer-News Conf.-6-12-19

News conference introducing first New Flyer bus in the ART fleet