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ABQ Ride Goes to Saturday Schedules on All Routes

Changes start March 28th, include pause of ART Service

March 25, 2020

The City of Albuquerque is shifting to a Saturday schedule for its Monday through Friday service, and has decided to temporarily pause all ART bus service, starting Saturday, March 28, 2020. Sunday bus service will remain the same.

A Saturday bus schedule means no commuter bus service will be available and that several routes will be temporarily shelved. These routes include:

  • #97-Zuni
  • #551-Jefferson/Paseo del Norte Express
  • #6-Indian School Commuter
  • #7-Candelaria Commuter
  • #12-Constitution Commuter
  • #13-Comanche Commuter
  • #34-San Pedro Commuter
  • #92-Taylor Ranch Express
  • #93-Academy Commuter
  • #94-Unser Commuter
  • #96-Crosstown Commuter
  • #98-Wyoming Commuter
  • #162-Ventana Ranch Commuter
  • #766-ART Red Line
  • #777-ART Green Line

A Saturday service also means the only route going onto Kirtland Air Force Base is the #157-Montaño/Uptown/Kirtland. The first trip to arrive on base will be at 8:31a.m.

Because the New Mexico Rail Runner Express has temporarily stopped service, routes #217, #222, #250 and #251 have already been placed on hold until the train resumes service.

The city is following the Governor’s mandate to have as many people stay at home as possible. That means keeping the bus system open, but only for the most necessary of trips.

“Going to a majority Saturday service means fewer bus drivers will need to be out driving and will give them a chance to take some time off with their families, says Danny Holcomb, Transit Director. “It will also allow us to devote more servicers to cleaning and sanitizing the remaining buses overnight that will be out on the road the next day.”

Some supervisors have been tasked with cleaning and sanitizing buses when they are brought into the Yale or Daytona facilities to be changed out on their routes.

Other sanitation measures include:

  • Last week, kits were given to bus drivers that included spray disinfectant, gloves and paper towels and rags for any immediate spills.
  • Disinfecting wipes are used nightly to wipe down the plastic-covered schedules (called “paddle boards”) fixed route drivers use for timing their routes, as well as wiping down the cars used to shuttle drivers to and from transit facilities.
  • ABQ RIDE increased nightly cleaning and sanitation of each bus and Sun Van, bringing in additional temporary staff to assist with that workload.

Because service has slowed down with both fixed routes and Sun Vans, the service changes will also allow some Sun Van drivers to assist the Department of Senior Affairs with transportation or delivery of meals to seniors.

The Alvarado Transportation Center and its customer service lobby is closed, but purchases of passes can still be made at the customer service windows.

ABQ RIDE will continue to allow students 18 years of age and younger to ride free on all ABQ RIDE fixed route buses to make it easier for them to get Grab & Go meals while APS schools are closed.

Notice of the latest service changes will be posted at all ART platforms, as well as on some of the video monitors at the stations. ABQ RIDE is also posting the changes on its website, social media and ABQ RIDE app.

ABQ RIDE is reminding riders to frequently wash their hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, cough into their elbows or a tissue, and call the NMDOH hotline (1-855-600-3453) if you feel you have COVID-19 symptoms.


ABQ RIDE is Albuquerque’s principal form of public transportation. It daily logs an average of 160,000 Passenger Miles on its buses.