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ABQ Ride Creates a Buzz with Electric Buses

Five new electric buses will begin servicing ABQ Ride Routes.

ALBUQUERQUE – Today, ABQ Ride unveiled five new electric buses that will begin servicing ABQ Ride routes as soon as Friday. In 2019, the Keller Administration announced the transition to low-emission vehicles for the City’s fleet and with these buses, there are now 160 of those vehicles on the streets.

“We’re so thankful to be able to take this next step towards sustainability,” said Bobby Sisneros, acting director of the Transit department. “Not only do these busses create positive impacts for the environment, they’re also cheaper to operate, so it was the perfect time to make this investment.”

“These electric buses are a big win for our community,” said Albert Lee, Sustainability Transportation Specialist. “They help to reduce our carbon footprint, while also improving our air quality and the health of our community.”

The five busses are the first electric vehicles to be utilized by ABQ Ride. The City hopes to continue adding electric vehicles over the coming years, with the ultimate goal of utilizing them exclusively by 2040.

“Public transportation has always been a more sustainable way to get around town and now these buses new are helping us drive home our commitment to being 100% renewable by 2025,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Our work to fight climate change is not over and we will continue to make the changes necessary to leave our kids a healthy place to live.”

ABQ Ride and City leaders also recognized the winners of ABQ Ride’s kids-only art contest, which was conducted in 2021. All winners received prints of their art and cash prizes. In addition, two of the new electric busses are wrapped with art work submitted by the winning contestants. Kids were encouraged to submit art work that promoted environmental consciousness and sustainability.

“My art is about trying to stay green and ecofriendly in New Mexico,” said AJ Kalama, one of the art contest winners. “It’s pretty cool. Hopefully it lets people know to be more ecofriendly.”