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City of Albuquerque Named a Top Ten Digital Cities Winner

City of Albuquerque’s innovative solutions to fight crime and engage residents recognized by the Center for Digital Government.

Nov. 22, 2021

The City of Albuquerque has received nationwide recognition as a top-ranked digital city government in the 2021 Digital Cities Survey. The Center for Digital Government (CDG) annual survey recognized cities using technology to push through the challenges of COVID-19 while continuing to innovate and engage with residents.

Making the 6th position this year in cities of similar size, the City’s forward-thinking tech strategies to enhance public safety was specifically recognized by the CDG for supporting officers in the field and residents, especially those in historically underserved communities, with efficient digital access to information.

“Supporting a culture of innovation at the City means we can get results from new approaches to long-standing issues,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Cities need to constantly adapt and grow. It’s why we continue to push our digital toolset, using it to improve emergency responses and help break down barriers so underserved communities can better access key resources.

The Department of Technology and Innovation improved the process for the Real Time Crime Center to provide essential data and information to officers when they need it most. Officers are now able to get more real time situational updates and video information while they are actively in the field.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Center for Digital Government for creating innovative systems that serve the community,” said Brian Osterloh, Director of the Department of Technology and Innovation. “We know that technology by itself is not always the answer and we will continue to use tech in a meaningful way and take a service first approach.”

The City was also commended by the CDG for building out Internet infrastructure for underserved communities, it’s digital communication strategies, and strides toward smart infrastructure.

During the pandemic, the City increased its public internet access with WiFi in Neighborhoods. The project is now expanding to connect thousands of low-income families to remote schooling and telework.

In collaboration with the New Mexico Technological Council, the City also created informational campaigns focused on Cyber Security. The campaign combats the millions of dollars lost cyber criminals in New Mexico each year.

As part of its effort to become a full-fledged smart city, DTI has developed the Albuquerque Smart Communities. This initiative includes a working proving ground to test smart technology in a real-life scenarios and collaboration with local network of technological companies, governments, and educational institutions.

“Our goal is to keep moving forward with the momentum built in our community as a technology hub for smart communities,” said Mark Leech, Deputy Director of DTI. “Working together, we can create smart and innovative solutions to improve public safety and quality of life here and beyond.”

Albuquerque placed 6th in 500,000 or More Population Category. This is the seventh Digital Cities Survey Award for Albuquerque. The CDG is a national research and advisory institute focused on information technology polices and best practices in state and local government.

Anyone interested in helping DTI make a difference in the community with innovative ideas is encouraged to apply..