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ERP Streamlines Processes

A summary of activities that have been streamlined by the ERP team.

This page describes a number of activities that ERP has completed in the past year to improve City services and functions.

Transcepta Enhancements Allow Automated Invoice Tracking

ERP enhanced the current Transcepta capabilities by adding additional features that allow vendors to track the status of invoices submitted to the City. Using the new Parking Lot feature, Accounts Receivables can easily correct Purchase Order numbers, incorrect quantities/prices and other exceptions that typically reject the invoice and send it back to the vendor. The new features saves 1-2 hours of time for A/R (per invoice) and 2-4 hours for the vendors (per invoice) who try to determine what is wrong with an invoice and why it didn’t get paid. With an average number of 100 rejected invoices per month, total savings for A/R and vendors is approximately 6,000 hours per year. Most importantly, vendors are getting paid sooner as issues are resolved.

PeopleSoft Forms Replace Paper Processes

Several PeopleSoft forms have been created to replace the old paper forms circulated by departments within the City. The new forms allow for information within PeopleSoft to be automatically populated into the form eliminating incorrect data from being typed-in. The form also has workflow associated with it that indicates exactly where the form is in the approval process eliminating the need to walk forms around for approval and searching for outstanding forms. Examples include Take Home Vehicle, Outside Employment, Cell Phone Request, Hardware Request, Overtime/Comp-time Request, etc. Savings range anywhere from 5-20 hours of time saved (per form) processing the old forms and tracking them through the approval cycle to completion. Estimated savings is over 2,000 hours per year.

Online Real-Time Compensation Information

ERP developed a Total Rewards/Compensation statement within PeopleSoft that allows employees to view real-time compensation information. Eliminates the need for the HR department to develop snap-shots of compensation, create mailers and pay postage to send to all City employees. Total savings include $40-50K in mailing fees and 40 hours of HR time to compile the information for the statements.

Test Script Automation

ERP used PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) to develop test scripts that allow automation of testing and significant time savings. Repetitive testing can now be completed by launching the PTF tool and running the scripts. Saved at least 40 hours of test time during the 2019 PeopleTools upgrade and each of the HRM, FIN and ELM Upgrade projects. Reduced test time allows for more regular PeopleSoft upgrades/patching.Estimated savings is about 160 hours per year.

Run for the Zoo Automated Enrollment

ERP developed an automated process for enrolling qualified employees in the annual Run for the Zoo. The process validates the employee’s qualification, sends a registration code and carries registration information from PeopleSoft into the Run for the Zoo website. New process cut 2 weeks from the registration process and eliminated 6-8 hours of time previously used by HR to manually track codes, entrants and registration information.