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City Tech Fair Aims to Create Tech-Savvy Seniors

Department of Senior Affairs teams up with local nonprofits for annual event
April 14, 2023

Today, the Department of Senior Affairs, along with local non-profits Adelante-DiverseIT and Teeniors, hosted their annual 50+ Senior Tech Connect Fair. 

In today’s world, many routine tasks such as making a medical appointment or ordering groceries often require some technology skills. It’s a reality that can sometimes cause older adults who lack access or training on how to use technology to feel left behind.

The 50+ Senior Tech Connect Fair aims to help bridge this digital divide by providing a safe, friendly environment for older adults to learn about today’s technology.

"We created this event to help increase access to digital resources and improve overall quality of life among older adults by making sure they feel comfortable navigating the latest technology," said Director of Senior Affairs Anna Sanchez. "We're grateful to have so many wonderful community partners in helping us support Albuquerque seniors."

Nearly 250 people attended today’s event, which featured demonstration booths operated by local businesses and community organizations. Topics ranged from smartphone basics and cybersecurity to online shopping and ride-share services.

Sponsors of this year’s event included Comcast and Presbyterian Health Plan.