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City of Albuquerque and U.A. Local Union 412 Team up for H.E.A.T.S ON Partnership

Volunteers provide service for 100 seniors and disabled residents

ALBUQUERQUE – The City of Albuquerque Department of Seniors Affairs and the United Association (U.A.) of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 412 are partnering to help city’s seniors and disabled residents stay warm this winter. This year marks the 29th year for Project H.E.A.T.S ON (Handicapped and Elderly Assistance To Service Our Neighbors) which deploys approximately 100 expert volunteers to the homes of the city’s most vulnerable population who need help servicing HVAC systems, igniting furnace pilots and installing or testing smoke detectors.

“Our community bands together and takes care of those in need,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “As we hit the 29th year milestone for Project H.E.A.T.S ON, we are grateful to the Local 412 volunteers that have made it possible to get seniors and disabled residents’ homes winter-ready for nearly three decades.”

“It is partnerships like these that bring out the core of our mission in providing care and compassion to our residents that need it most.” said Anna Sanchez, Director of Senior Affairs. “Local Union 412 volunteers are gems in our community by selflessly lending their skill sets to help meet service needs for our families in Bernalillo County.” said Sanchez.  

“Local 412 truly has the best volunteers in the world, we are more like a family and helping Albuquerque families is like helping out our own families” said Courtenay Eichhorst, Union 412 Business Manager. “We are blessed to continue partnerships with Mayor Tim Keller and the City of Albuquerque Senior Affairs, this has been an asset for 412.” 

Project H.E.A.T.S ON is a national initiative undertaken by U.A. Plumbers and Pipefitters unions across the country. As part of the project, the Department of Senior Affairs identifies eligible participants and then provides that list to the Pipefitters local union. This year, all volunteers continued to observe COVID-safe practices when entering the resident’s homes.