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APD Releases Results from Weekend Operation in Downtown

Albuquerque Police Department released results from the first weekend of its Downtown Operation.

May 31, 2021

Units from across the department are working with officers in the Downtown Public Safety District to crack down on criminal behavior during weekends this summer.

Here are the results of this past weekend’s operation, which lasted Friday through Sunday:

  • 104 moving citations
  • 4 cites for modified exhaust
  • 2 cites for exhibition of speed
  • 13 reports
  • 8 DWI's
  • 3 towed vehicles
  • 1 Misdemeanor warrant
  • 8 verbal warning
  • 2 medical transports
  • Traffic located a possible robbery suspect and forwarded to officers for follow-up.
  • One victim and offender located for a DV which happened outside of the Tac Plan area.  Offender was arrested. 
  • 2 individuals contacted were in possession of firearms, follow ups are being conducted on one individual who will being issued a summons for interference with barricade.
  • Officers made contact with business contacts with owners/managers 35 times
  • Officers had over 300 contacts with individuals in parking lots as well as multiple contacts along the Central area.  One large gathering was dispersed as they began to fight but no one was identified to charge.
  • 1 case submitted for aggravated fleeing after vehicle and diver identified.