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Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency 2023 Annual Report Approved by City Council

From legislative victories to downtown transformations, explore MRA’s 2023 revitalization milestones
March 04, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – Tonight, the Albuquerque City Council approved the Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency’s (MRA) 2023 Annual Report which highlights the impactful projects and initiatives undertaken throughout the year.

Central to the report is MRA’s instrumental role in supporting changes to the statute governing Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas statewide during the 2023 State legislative session. By unlocking new opportunities and resources, the updated statute sets the stage for substantial transformation, poised to foster long-term prosperity for our city.

Additionally, the Albuquerque City Council's adoption of a new Metropolitan Redevelopment Area along the Menaul Boulevard corridor signifies a significant step forward in the agency's mission to catalyze positive transformation across multiple districts throughout our city.

“This report not only celebrates our achievements but also serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to driving positive change and revitalization in our city,” said MRA Director Terry Brunner. “Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, we continue to create lasting impact for Albuquerque residents and their families.”

View the full report here.