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Mayor Tim Keller Outlines Funding Priorities for 2024 Legislative Session

Legislators can select neighborhood enhancements from capital improvement “menu."
December 21, 2023

Today, Mayor Tim Keller and City leaders outlined the administration’s capital priorities for the coming New Mexico Legislative Session. The requests focus on public safety, continuing to build solutions for housing and homelessness, and neighborhood upgrades that improve quality of life for families. 

“Our city is heading in the right direction. This is the time to double down on the investments we’re making so that we can continue to make progress toward a safer, better place to live for Albuquerque families,” said Mayor Tim Keller.  

"For every dollar we spend on housing, the city gets $1.78 back. This isn't just an investment in our most vulnerable citizens, it's an investment in our future, in our growth, and the health of our city," said Representative Cristina Parajon. 

“I’m focused on public safety, creating new economic opportunities in Albuquerque, and investing in our neighborhoods this legislative session. I appreciate the City’s work to make it easier to put capital outlay dollars to work for New Mexicans,” said Representative Meredith Dixon.

The City has outlined steps to make important investments to tackle complex challenges, continue to reduce crime and create new opportunities for Albuquerque residents. The City is looking to partner with the State to build on encouraging progress and reverse longstanding underinvestment in needed services and systems.  

The City has made it even easier for legislators to invest in their communities by providing a “menu” of investment opportunities legislators can pick and choose from to enhance their neighborhoods, including park amenities, playgrounds, EV charging station, and public murals.  

The City’s 2024 Legislative Priorities are:

Public Safety 

  • $22 million to expand the Real Time Crime Center and Police Technology  
  • $10 million to invest in public safety field technology to support officers in their jobs 
  • $14 million to improve safety and appeal of State highways and roads within the metro area 
  • $19.5 million for construction of new fire stations and facilities in communities that have great need 
  • $18 million for construction of a police substation in South West Albuquerque and the University Area  

Solutions for Housing and Homelessness 

  • $20 million to support the construction of affordable housing to combat Albuquerque’s housing shortage 
  • $10 million to add overnight capacity for 200 individuals each night  

Placemaking and Quality of Life for Albuquerque Families 

  • $25 million to continue preserving and upgrading the historic Rail Yards into a hub for economic activity in the heart of Albuquerque
  • $30 million to continue the Rail Trail project, bringing needed safety improvements to many intersections and creating opportunities for families, creators, and visitors to enjoy Albuquerque’s historic neighborhoods 

Download a complete report of City of Albuquerque’s Top Capital Funding Priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session and the Legislative Menu from the City's website.