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Buy Local Initiative Brings Home $7.7 million in City Purchasing Power to Strengthen Albuquerque’s Economy

Local businesses invited to sign up for new solicitation program to get contract opportunity notifications.

October 16, 2019

As part of Mayor Tim Keller’s Buy Local initiative, the City of Albuquerque has switched six contracts from out-of-state vendors to local companies so far in 2019, representing more than $7.7 million in taxpayer dollars.

“As an economic anchor institution, we are steadily aiming our spending power at the local economy. Through outreach to locally owned businesses through our procurement process we have brought six contracts back home in the past nine months—that’s an additional $7.7 million of taxpayer dollars being kept in Albuquerque’s economy,” said Mayor Tim Keller.

Existing contracts switched from non-local to local vendors include:

  • A four-year contract totaling an estimated $1,100,000 signed with Workspace Dynamics, Inc. for office furniture. The previous vendor was The Hon Company – headquartered in Iowa.
  • A four-year contract totaling an estimated $5,000,000 signed with Diverse Office Supply for office supplies. The previous vendor was Sandia Office Supply, which had been acquired by Office Depot – headquartered in Florida.
  • A four-year contract totaling an estimated $1,000,000 signed with Desert Paper & Envelope for paper. The previous vendor was Sandia Office Supply, which owned by Office Depot – headquartered in Florida.
  • A four-year contract totaling $47,424 signed with General Mailing & Shipping Systems for mail machine services. The previous vendor was Pitney Bowes – headquartered in Connecticut.
  • A two-year contract totaling $50,382 signed with Security Logistics for electronic security system maintenance and parts. The previous vendor was Stanley Convergent Security headquartered in Indiana.
  • A four-year contract totaling an estimated $540,000 with LL&D for armored vehicle services. The previous vendor was Loomis Armored US headquartered in Texas.

One example is the contract with Diverse Office Supply, a local woman-owned business that employs 15 people with special needs. Their new four-year contract totals an estimated $5,000,000.

“Mayor Keller, and his dedication to the Buy Local initiative, along with his talented team, recognizes the value of integrated employment of adults with special needs, and the jobs created by keeping purchases local. In purchasing products produced in Albuquerque, sourced and delivered locally, the City is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability,” said Kerry Brennan Bertram, President & CEO, Diverse Office Supply. “Partnering with the City, Diverse Office Supply can then hire more adults with special needs; earning real wages and working real jobs with real benefits. This is a win-win for Albuquerque! We are delighted to inform our City about the terrific people behind Diverse and how we may all contribute to the employment of people with disabilities while also reducing the carbon footprint of many items they purchase,” said Bertram. 

In addition to working to switch contracts from out-of-state to local vendors, the City of Albuquerque Purchasing Division has begun taking steps to make it easier for local vendors to do business with the City by using a new online procurement software: Bonfire. Two of the systemic challenges facing the City are identifying local vendors and navigating City processes. Bonfire allows the City to easily identify local vendors and also streamlines the procurement process. 

“There are approximately 19,000 registered businesses in Bernalillo County. Less than 5,000 or 26% of registered businesses in Bernalillo County were registered vendors in the City’s previous solicitation tool, SiCommNet. The City’s goal is to promote competition and allow a fair opportunity to compete for City business,” said Synthia Jaramillo, Economic Development Director. “If you are a vendor who wants to do business with the City of Albuquerque, register your business in Bonfire.”

Business owners and other members of the public can see what the City buys at or sign up to receive notices of upcoming bids on opportunities to provide goods and services at