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How to Report a Concern

Call 311 for concerns about camping on public property and to connect unhoused individuals to resources. The encampment outreach team and/or Albuquerque Community Safety will respond.

Reporting Encampments

Encampments within city limits can be reported by calling 311 (505-768-2000) or using the ABQ311 App. An side profile of ACS responder kneeling down to talk to someone on a sidewalk

A member of the City outreach team will visit the reported site to address the encampment and offer resources including shelter, transportation, and personal storage. 

Concerns about activity on private property can also be reported to 311 and will be assessed by code enforcement. 

Read the City of Albuquerque Encampment policy, revised October 2022. 

Click here if you need help with shelter or other resources