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Homelessness Statistics

Find statistics related to the city supporting our unhoused population.

Housing Stability and Homeless Services in Action

Data from April, 2024


People sheltered on average every night across four City shelters


Families received supportive housing vouchers (fiscal YTD) 


45  Families
31 Individuals
Moved from the City's housing navigation centers into housing (YTD)


Outreach connections to unhoused people 


Actions on illegal camping*


Food boxes distributed to people in need

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Families helped with eviction prevention and utility assistance

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Total transports to shelters.


*Actions on illegal camping: Actions included outreach and citations on public and private properties. The injunction allows the City to move illegal camps on public land if campers are blocking rights of way, are on school property, or in parks with children's programming. For all other public land, the city offers a shelter bed and personal storage and if those offers are refused, a 72 hour notice to vacate is given. Campers are required to leave private property immediately upon owner's request or if no trespassing signs have been posted. 


What Resources Exist?

Addresses and information about the 12 overnight shelters, 7 meal sites, 6 health care facilities, two substance use treatment locations, and four health and social service centers can be found on the resources page

A map of Albuquerque with service provider locations overlaid. Locations are shown for emergency shelters, meal sites, health care facilities, substance use treatment facilities, and Health & Social Service centers

Who Are We Serving?

2023 Unhoused Population Demographics in Albuquerque. Data from the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness's Coordinated Entry System.

Two pie charts showing information about unhoused people in Albuquerque. 51% of people are from Albuquerque, 35% are from the rest of New Mexico, and 14% are from outside New Mexico.  

How Are We Doing?

The City has increased our investment in Supportive Housing vouchers by 250% since 2018. This housing assistance paired with supportive services is one of the most effective ways to help people exit homelessness permanently. City vouchers helped 1,365 families in FY23. Based on previous years, 95% of those families will remain in housing after 2 years. 

A bar chart showing city investments in supportive housing by fiscal year. There was a 250% increase from FY18 to FY24