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Receiving Area for First Responders

Learn about the Receiving Area for First Responders at the Gateway Center.

What is the Receiving Area for First Responders?

The 24/7 place at the Gateway Center where first responders can drop clients off who need help figuring out their next step. Not a medical facility, but a resting place and connection point to needed services. Only first responders may bring clients to the Receiving Area. 

Support staff can help guests: 

An icon of a telephone receiver.  Find the right local shelter option

An illustrated icon of a car in profile.  Get a ride somewhere 

An icon in the shape of a ticket stub that says ticket.  Reunite with family outside Albuquerque


The Receiving Area will begin operations in June, 2024



[email protected]

Contact 911 or 311 if a referral is needed from Albuquerque Community Safety