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Mayor Richard J. Berry Honors Four Albuquerque Firefighters as This Weeks Friday’s Heroes

On Friday June 10, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized four Albuquerque Firefighters from Engine-3 for saving a building and the property inside from fire. This weeks Friday’s Heroes are AFD Lieutenant Bryan Pacheco, Firefighters Dominic Velasquez, Dale Knighton, and Jose Gomez.

Contact: Erin Kinnard Thompson 505-991-6242

June 10, 2011

Recently, Albuquerque Fire Engine 3 was dispatched to a call located at an address off of High St SW. The fire call was to a residence, which was occupied by eight local University Students.

The residence in question is a home which dates back more than 100 years. It is subdivided into nine apartments. The house had numerous hidden void spaces and fire was traveling from the first floor up to the second and finally up to the attic, which created very difficult conditions for the firefighters.

The crew of Engine 3, Lieutenant Pacheco, Firefighter Velasquez, Firefighter Knighton and Firefighter Gomez used their skill and knowledge of fire behavior to save a great majority of the property inside as well as the historic residence itself.

“Our firefighters operate under difficult and dangerous conditions every day and the work that they do is critical in saving lives and property. These gentlemen are to be commended for their efforts on behalf of our citizens and community,” said Mayor Berry.