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Mayor Recognizes Off-Duty Firefighter Who Risked His Life to Save Another

Albuquerque firefighter Ryan Medford was off duty when a motorcyclist crashed right before his eyes on the Big I flyover. With no equipment, backup or someone to protect him from cars speeding by, Medford stopped and risked his own life on the narrow stretch of road to render aid to the motorcyclist.

For his efforts, on Friday, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Medford as this week’s Friday’s Hero. Each week Mayor Berry recognizes one public safety employee who went above the call of duty.

“The qualities and characteristics that Medford demonstrated serve as a model for all public safety employees,” Mayor Berry said. “His actions have not gone unnoticed. I would like to commend Firefighter Medford on his courage and dedication to his job.”

On May 24th a motorcyclist attempted to avoid a chair that had fallen out of a vehicle on the eastbound flyover. Unable to avoid the chair the motorcyclist crashed. The motorcyclist was not wearing helmet and suffered serious injuries. Medford provided medical attention that prevented further serious injury to the victim.

Medford risked his own safety in order to attend to the victim’s serious injuries. Upon arrival of Albuquerque Ambulance and Engine 2, Medford assisted with the initial care of the victim and then left the scene. He did not allow time for the on-duty rescue workers to thank him for his courageous actions.

“Firefighter Medford demonstrated a strong loyalty to the attributes that make him a valued member of our fire department,” Engine 2 Lt Alex Montero said.