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Mayor Recognizes Albuquerque Firefighters For Lifesaving Efforts

This week’s Friday’s Heroes are with the Albuquerque Fire Department Engine-18 and Rescue-18 and 27. Captain Frank Soto, Lt. Marvin Gouch, Lt. Mike Martinez, Driver Brian Glenn and Driver Manny Zamora Jr. are being honored for their efforts to revive an unresponsive 16 month old baby girl after a serious car crash.

Contact: Erin Kinnard Thompson 505-991-6242

April 22, 2011 

Each week Mayor Richard J. Berry honors at least one public safety employee for going above and beyond the call of duty in performing their work.

On March 23, a motor vehicle crash occurred at Coors and the frontage road. Baby Maddie was in her car seat in the back of the vehicle which was t-boned by another car. Captain Frank Soto was the first responder to arrive at the scene. Baby Maddie was unconscious and not breathing. Captain Soto advised on the radio that the situation was life-threatening. A concerned witness to the crash entered the vehicle and was attempting to assist Maddie. He indicated to Soto that he couldn’t feel a pulse and she was not breathing. Captain Soto entered the vehicle and began performing CPR on Maddie while she was still in her car seat.

Soon after Engine-18 and Rescue-18 arrived and attempted to get her out of the vehicle. The car seat was tightly attached to the vehicle and Captain Soto cut it out using his buck knife. The rescue team kept her in her car seat and carried her to the ambulance where she was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital.
In route to the hospital the team continued their lifesaving procedures. Driver Zamora drove while Lt. Gouch attempted to secure the airway and Driver Glenn inserted an IV to administer life saving drugs.  Lt. Martinez worked the defibrillator and Captain Soto continued to perform CPR.  Because of their efforts, Maddie regained a pulse on the way to the hospital.

The baby girl is currently at UNM-H Pediatric in the Intensive Care Unit.

“There are many people throughout our community who continue to pray for Maddie. While she is still in very serious condition, it seems clear that the efforts of these crews have given her a chance for survival,” said Mayor Berry.