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Albuquerque Fire Rescue Receives Life Saving Equipment from District 6 City Councilor Pat Davis

Councilor Davis funds much needed equipment for fire stations 3, 5 and 11 in an effort to help firefighters reduce hazards in the process saving lives.

August 1, 2019

District 6 City Councilor Pat Davis reached out to Albuquerque Fire Rescue Chief Paul Dow with an offer to provide funding for equipment that would help serve the public and reduce hazards for firefighters. After assessing some of the needs and possibilities with Chief Dow, Councilor Davis began by purchasing thermal imaging cameras for AFR Rescues 3, 5 and 11. These are vital pieces of equipment that aid rescue crews in finding occupants during a fire and locate fire inside walls. Councilor Davis also purchased washers and dryers for Fire Stations 5 and 11 so that crews can launder their uniforms at the station to reduce exposure to contaminants.

“This new equipment will not only benefit Albuquerque citizens who rely on our firefighters, but also in cancer prevention efforts that Albuquerque Fire Rescue began in 2018 to protect these first responders” said Davis. Councilor Davis also purchased a new vehicle for Battalion 2 which is the primary responding Chief Officer in this quadrant of the city. This vehicle is now a pick-up truck instead of a SUV so that the equipment on this vehicle that gets contaminated from a fire can safely be carried outside of the vehicle’s cabin. This in turn will also help limit our personnel’s exposure to carcinogens. In a joint effort to enhance AFR’s community outreach efforts, Councilor Davis has authorized the purchase of a trailer that AFR will use at community events and extended incidents. “We are very fortunate to have City legislators that recognize our mission to protect the public as well as keep our men and women of AFR safe from the dangers they encounter every day and are extremely thankful to Councilor Davis for his continued support.” stated Chief Dow.