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Albuquerque Fire Rescue Graduates 100th Cadet Class

26 cadets graduated from Albuquerque Fire Rescue's 18 Week Academy.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue is proud to announce the graduation of the 100th Cadet Class. 26 cadets completed the 18-week academy and will now join the department as sworn members. They enter the ranks at probationary Firefighter 2nd Class and will receive 11 Months of intensive on the job training and undergo monthly evaluations from in order to attain the rank of Firefighter 1st Class and complete their probationary process.

"With the graduation of AFR's 100th Cadet Class it is important to showcase the progression and adaptability of services provided by the fire department and reflect on the spirit of service within ourselves," said Albuquerque Fire Rescue Chief Emily Jaramillo. "AFR consistently demonstrates a commitment to address the needs of the community.  Our newest graduates are expected to always uphold their oath with compassion as they protect the lives and property of the citizens of Albuquerque." 

"Through 100 classes AFR continues to be pound for pound one of the busiest and well-run departments in the country," said Mayor Tim Keller. "From compliance, to effectiveness, to answering the call no matter the cause, the 100th represents the latest in this long line of community heroes."