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Albuquerque Fire Rescue ADAPT Program Assists Residents at Rising Phoenix

Fire Marshal’s Office’s works to bring apartments up to code for residents’ safety.

Aug. 17, 2020

As a major cleanup and repair effort gets underway at the Rising Phoenix apartment complex, Mayor Tim Keller’s administration is stepping up to ensure that residents displaced by the badly-needed rehabilitation are not left out in the cold.

As part of the Keller administration’s efforts to clean up neglected, abandoned, and dilapidated properties throughout Albuquerque that can become hubs for crime and risk, the City’s Abandoned and Dilapidated Abatement Property Team is requiring the property owners to clean up and improve the building that houses dozens of Albuquerque residents.

While that project is underway, those who currently call the apartment complex home are in need of housing. The Albuquerque Fire Marshal’s Office, the Planning Department, and Family and Community Services are helping residents find proper, safehousing while renovations are ongoing.

Mayor Tim Keller said, “Our goal is to hold the landlord accountable for providing safe, clean, and quality housing to the people who rent from them. We’ve gotten this owner to commit to making changes. Now we’re going to make sure the residents have a safe place to stay while that work gets done.”

Options for residents include assistance moving to another apartment within the complex or vouchers to fund a move to a different apartment complex.

Fire Marshal Gene Gallegos said, “This multi-department City effort is going to make the property a safe living environment for all whoreside there.