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AFD Fire Fighter's Save Teen From Raging Arroyo

At 3:00pm on July 28th, a 16 year old male was crossing the arroyo at Juan Tabo and Candelaria in Albuquerque, NM with minimal water visible. On his second step into the arroyo, an enormous gush of water knocked him off his feet and carried him west down the arroyo. A friend of his called 911 from the scene.

Arroyo Rescue

Thirty-three Albuquerque Fire Department personnel were set up at various locations to attempt a rescue. At Morningside and Cutler, Station 13 personnel launched a throw bag into the water, the young man grabbed a hold of it and he was successfully pulled to safety. He traveled 6+ miles with the water speed reaching beyond 35mph. He was transported to Presbyterian in stable condition with numerous cuts and bruises. 

Arroyo Rescue 2
Driver Julian Trujillo and Fire Fighter Wade Garvin were two of the rescuers that pulled the young man from the arroyo. Julian was taken to Presbyterian with minor cuts to his hands. Battalion Commander Kerry Horton led this successful rescue. 
Arroyo Rescue 3